why can’t anyone tell me when to start baby on solids?

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why can't anyone tell me when to start my baby on solids?

Having trouble figuring out when to start your baby on solids?  It’s no wonder you’re confused, the recommended age to introduce solids to infants over the past century has ranged from 2 weeks to 12 months! Currently, the major health organizations such as the World Health Organization, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Health Canada recommend waiting until 6 months. Yet a lot of people (including many pediatricians) believe this is too late.  So who’s right? Why don’t the experts agree? It can be confusing and frustrating to be told different recommendations. The Limitations of Targeting Everybody The recommendation to start at 6 months is aimed at nearly all babies. … Read More

3 things baby led weaning gets right

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I have my issues with the baby-feeding ideology known as Baby Led Weaning.  Like many fad diets, it takes a good thing and pushes it to extremes that aren’t helpful and are potentially dangerous. But let’s not throw out the baby led weaning with the bath water.  (ha!)  We’re all positive people here, right?  If you’re not, you’d probably like to be.  Let’s try that out and look at three positive aspects of baby led weaning that you can incorporate into your baby’s eating routines without going full Baby Led Weaning. 1. Pressure Free Eating Under the ideals of Baby … Read More

beef stew for baby

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beef stew for baby

To season or not to season, that is the question. Some people believe that all food given to baby should taste exactly as is, with no flavour or seasoning added to it. They believe that bland food is best for babies and think additional seasoning can be overwhelming for their tastebuds. Others believe that each food should be given separately; no mixing allowed! They believe that babies should taste and get to know each food on its own. The truth is that there is no evidence to support either one. The only rules to seasoning baby food are as follows: … Read More

4 Dangers of Baby Led Weaning

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Dangers of baby led weaning

Important update! I’m receiving a lot of comments saying “food before one is just for fun.”  This is WRONG and DANGEROUS. Babies 6 months and older need solid foods, particularly foods that are high in iron. Breastmilk does not meet their iron needs. The potential danger of iron deficiency is permanent brain damage. I’m not saying this to scare people off of Baby Led Weaning, just to educate you about this danger so you can proceed safely. For more information, please read this article and its accompanying scientific sources.   When a fad diet or health trend comes along, we all want to get … Read More

how to start your baby on solids – an infographic

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For the visual learners out there, I created an infographic that summarizes how to start your baby on solids. I think seeing the info laid out on one page makes it easier to understand the big picture.  I would love your feedback. Do visuals such as photos, graphics, charts, etc, help you to remember information better?  

Homemade Baby Biscuits

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DIY Baby Cookies

Babies don’t need teething rusks but it sure is nice to give them something that they can easily pick up and eat. That’s where this recipe for baby biscuits comes in. why these homemade baby cookies are the smart choice While teething rusks are just starch, sugar, and salt, these biscuits are full of nutrients that babies need, like iron. If you give this recipe a go, let me know! Leave a comment, rate it, or snap a photo and tag it with #smartnutritionrecipes on Instagram!  I’d love to see your creations! Knowing someone has enjoyed one of my recipes always makes my day … Read More

the #1 most important food for your baby

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Since I am a nutrition nerd, I recently spent some free time calculating the amount of iron that would typically be absorbed from different foods. Fun, right?!   Ok, humour me a bit here.  Which food would you think is highest in iron? I was surprised to find that, bite for bite, egg yolk had the highest amount of absorbable iron! I definitely thought beef was going to be the winner.  If you’ve read that post you’ll remember that iron is incredibly important for your baby.  Babies have an ENORMOUS need for iron.  I can’t emphasize this enough. For that reason alone, I hereby dub egg yolks the #1 … Read More