how to start your baby on solids – an infographic

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For the visual learners out there, I created an infographic that summarizes how to start your baby on solids. I think seeing the info laid out on one page makes it easier to understand the big picture. 

I would love your feedback. Do visuals such as photos, graphics, charts, etc, help you to remember information better?

How to introduce solid food to a baby - infographic


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15 Comments on “how to start your baby on solids – an infographic”

  1. We just had our 4 month appointment and when I mentioned I was planning to start solids closer to 6 months, the pediatrician was pretty adement that we start now. What are the pros and cons to starting this early?

    1. Thanks you for your question! There’s actually a lot to be said on the topic, which is why I have two whole posts dedicated to it coming up this week! Please stay tuned 🙂

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