Christmas Snacks: Healthy and Easy!

Easy Christmas Snacks for Kids #snacks #christmas #healthychristmas #healthysnacks

Using simple ingredients & taking only 5 minutes of your time, you can WOW your kids with these easy and healthy Christmas snacks ideas! I used to work in public health with new moms and babies in a drop-in group. Each week we would teach the moms a new baby rhyme or song to sing. We would always remind the moms that they didn’t need pretty singing voices as their babies didn’t care and just loved to hear their mom’s voice! I took that advice to heart and then SANG my heart out to my babies… much to my husband … Read More

Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas (so it doesn’t go to waste)

Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas

Overwhelmed with all that leftover Halloween candy? Instead of throwing it out, check out these 8 ideas to make the candy loot go further.  You probably bought extra Halloween candy. Better safe than sorry, right? Sometimes you only get a trickle of trick or treaters, and you end up with a TON of extra candy. If you want to eat all the candy you bought, GO AHEAD AND EAT IT! It’s your candy and totally your prerogative to eat it. But perhaps you want to do something else with it. Some people invite the “Switch Witch” to come and exchange … Read More

Let your kids eat their Halloween candy!

How to let your kids eat ALL the Halloween candy they want (and not feel like a failure of a parent for doing so!) #halloween #halloweencandy #parentingwin #feedingkids #healthykids #halloweentreats

How to let your kid eat all the Halloween candy they want and not feel like a failure of a parent In my top 7 tips for celebrating Halloween without any guilt, I encouraged you to let your kids eat as MUCH candy as they want on Halloween. Just on that one day, mind you, but yes… all of the candy they want. Maybe you think I’m off my rocker with that one! “If I do that, my kid will eat until he’s sick” “Or, I tried that once and my kid DID eat until he vomited!” A tummy ache is … Read More

milk for babies: a dietitian’s guide to safely introducing baby to milk

does my baby need milk?

I get a lot of questions about milk for babies… like when should I be introducing baby to milk, or how much milk should they drink? Your baby definitely needs milk, but the type of milk is key, depending on the baby’s age. Babies’ stomachs are small, and they grow fast. Everything that enters their mouths needs to contribute to their growth. The reason milk for babies is so important is because it provides these nutritional benefits to help them grow: fat and calories minerals vitamins some protein babies only need one milk at a time If you’re providing breast milk … Read More

my breastfeeding story

a breastfeeding story

Hi. I’m Jessica. I’m the founder of Smart Nutrition. I’m a Registered Dietitian, and a mom who exclusively breastfed her baby.  I haven’t shared my breastfeeding story with very many people. I haven’t shared my story because I know how this works. I didn’t want other moms to feel bad about their story. Some stories are wrought with grief, anguish, despair, and frustration. Breastfeeding can have major challenges, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way a mom would like it to. And that’s okay. It’s okay to mourn not having the experience you were hoping for. If this is … Read More

breastfeeding quiz: test your knowledge!

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing a woman’s body is capable of doing! Take this fun breastfeeding quiz to see how much you know about the process.  For a little “breastfeeding 101” and to read stories from breastfeeding mamas, check out this guide!

10 things every pregnant woman needs to know about breastfeeding (part 3)

breastfeeding 101

This is breastfeeding 101! Your pregnancy is a great opportunity to prepare yourself and maximize your breastfeeding success. Learn from a breastfeeding expert, and hear from experienced moms who wish they knew this before they started breastfeeding. Read part 1 and part 2 here.  9) Just say “no”… too many visitors! Everyone you know and love will want to meet your new baby. You’ll probably be proud and excited to show the newborn off! As good-intentioned as you and your visitors may be, a flood of visitors may not be in the best interest of establishing your breastfeeding relationship. As mentioned … Read More