win an instant pot pressure cooker!

Dietitian Reviews Instant Pot

I’m giving away an Instant Pot pressure cooker!   I recently bought one of these myself and I have been loving it! I’ve barely even used it to its full potential yet. I really need to start exploring all the ways this thing can cook!  It takes the place of 6 different appliances:  pressure cooker slow cooker rice cooker steamer saute-er warmer A long time ago we had roommates in our house, one of whom left a rice cooker behind. Prior to this I never would have purchased an appliance specifically for rice. A pot on the stove works just fine. … Read More

how to start your day strong -with the right breakfast!

You work hard. You get results. Make sure your breakfast is doing the same for you! This free e-book will show you how the right breakfast can…. increase your alertness, suppress your appetite, help you meet your weight loss goals, and prevent snack cravings, even in the afternoon.

soups for syria!

To leave or to stay? Many Syrian and Iraqi families face that question as conflict rages around them. International humanitarian assistance is dwindling. The patchwork of resources they rely on is wearing thin. To leave is to risk their lives over dangerous land and sea. It means not knowing whether the country they arrive at will open its doors. But to stay is also a great risk. As someone who lives a blessed life in one of the wealthiest countries on earth, the problems and struggles I deal with on a daily basis are put into perspective by this crisis. I … Read More