the fish recipe for people who don’t like fish!

creamy thai fish en papillote

I wish I liked fish. Wait… let me rephrase that. I wish I liked fish at home, in my natural habitat: the prairies. When I’ve had fish on the coast, where it’s super fresh and prepared by experts, I love it! In my kitchen, in landlocked Manitoba, it’s tough to make frozen fish tasty. I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried… baking, frying, broiling, foil packs… you name it, I’ve hated it.  As a dietitian, I’ve tried so hard to make myself like fish because I know there’s no better source of omega 3 fatty acids! I take supplements, but I’m a huge … Read More

one dish balsamic chicken -dinner in an hour

balsamic chicken bake

An easy one dish meal featuring sweet balsamic chicken, baby potatoes, and plenty of veggies! Dinner ready in an hour -with hardly any cleanup! I was one of those kids that hated almost all vegetables, all meat, and all starches except bread and noodles. As I grew older and especially as I started to travel the world, I wanted to be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Once I made this decision, my palate didn’t get a complete overhaul overnight. It was (and still is!) a slow process of learning to like new foods. With some foods, my … Read More