japanese cabbage salad -healthy and easy

japanese cabbage salad

Sesame and almond flavours dominate this Japanese cabbage salad filled with plenty of veggies and healthy plant proteins and fats.  We’ve been eating this salad literally everyday for the past week.  Because it’s THAT GOOD and we can’t get enough of it. But, also because there’s enough here to feed an army and we’ve only got 2 1/2 people in our house…. Make sure you have a large bowl ready for this one! It’s a perfect recipe to bring to a potluck and feed a crowd. Because it’s THAT BIG. But, also because it tastes best on the first day. … Read More

healthy teriyaki chicken noodle bowls -featuring NuPasta

teriyaki chicken noodle bowls

This post was developed through a sponsored collaboration with NuPasta.  However, all opinions are mine! Sometimes I overhear conversations like this in my home: My four year old to my husband: “We’re having teryi-YAK-i for supper!” My husband: “Are you sure it isn’t teri-ELEPHANT-i?”  Our family often rates dad jokes on a scale of 1-10. Despite being a groaner, I actually LOL’ed on this one, so I’d give it a 5.  teriyaki chicken special Apparently “teriyaki” isn’t really a name for a sauce, it’s actually more a style of preparing meat. You prepare meat “teriyaki style” when you broil or grill meat that … Read More

tomato bean pasta bake

tomato bean pasta bake

Feed your whole family for less than $5 with this hearty, delicious pasta bake! If this were the 70s I’d happily call this a casserole, because let’s face it, that’s what this is. But I just can’t seem to call a recipe a casserole. It’s this weird hangup I have with the word. I’m just going to go and blame it on how I hated when the food on my plate mixed together when I was a kid so casseroles were the ultimate food to be feared.  Speaking of fear, don’t be afraid of this short list of ingredients! On the surface, it … Read More

freezer breakfast burritos (vegetarian)

black bean salsa egg burritos

Keep these breakfast burritos in the freezer for a quick, filling, and nutritious breakfast! 20g of protein in each burrito! When a baby is born everyone thinks of doting on the mother and the baby.. but what about the dad?  It’s the mom who’s checked in at the hospital so she gets the comfy bed and meal service. The dad gets a little fold out chair to sleep on (if he’s lucky).  The baby is closely monitored to make sure he or she is eating well. But who’s making sure the dad gets something to eat?  The day before my … Read More

freezer meal: hawaiian farmer sausage

hawaiian farmer sausage

If you enjoy ham and pineapple pizza, you’re going to love this farmer sausage dish! It’s a delightful combination of sweet, sour, and smoky.  I held my very first hands-on freezer meal workshop last week! And I’m just getting around to blogging about it now because….. was I ever exhausted! It was a ton of fun but also a ton of work. I had full intentions of taking photos but in the busyness of the whole event, I completely forgot!  People keep asking me when the next one will be….. and I don’t have an answer yet. I know I … Read More

instant pot: korean beef (better than takeout!)

korean beef instant pot

Make the healthier version of Korean Beef faster than you can order takeout! As a bonus, each bowl has nearly 3 servings of veggies! I know this will probably sound strange to many of you but I’ve got to be upfront and honest: This recipe was my first time cooking with a cut of beef! As self-proposed flexitarians, we primarily eat vegetarian dishes, with chicken about once or twice a week, shrimp, pork, or beef about once a month, and random attempts sprinkled in to learn to like fish! I’d love to get up to eating fish twice a week but … Read More

world’s best scrambled eggs

world's BEST scrambled eggs

I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t scrambled eggs just scrambled eggs? How can you make them better or worse than what they are.  I know the second thing you’re thinking too: Do I really need a recipe? Again, aren’t scrambled eggs simply that: eggs that are scrambled? Yup, I used to think those things too. I would have laughed at someone if they had tried to post a recipe for scrambled eggs, let alone make the audacious claim that they were the best in the world.  Until a little thing called serendipity came my way. I like to add a touch … Read More