instant pot: korean beef (better than takeout!)

korean beef instant pot

Make the healthier version of Korean Beef faster than you can order takeout! As a bonus, each bowl has nearly 3 servings of veggies! I know this will probably sound strange to many of you but I’ve got to be upfront and honest: This recipe was my first time cooking with a cut of beef! As self-proposed flexitarians, we primarily eat vegetarian dishes, with chicken about once or twice a week, shrimp, pork, or beef about once a month, and random attempts sprinkled in to learn to like fish! I’d love to get up to eating fish twice a week but … Read More

world’s best scrambled eggs

world's BEST scrambled eggs

I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t scrambled eggs just scrambled eggs? How can you make them better or worse than what they are.  I know the second thing you’re thinking too: Do I really need a recipe? Again, aren’t scrambled eggs simply that: eggs that are scrambled? Yup, I used to think those things too. I would have laughed at someone if they had tried to post a recipe for scrambled eggs, let alone make the audacious claim that they were the best in the world.  Until a little thing called serendipity came my way. I like to add a touch … Read More

freezer meal: thai peanut chicken

Thai Peanut Chicken freezer meal

Prep 4 Thai Peanut Chicken dinners all at once and have them ready to go in the freezer for those busy weekday evenings! (affiliate links abound in this post!) Hey there! I’m actually doing this. With this blog post I’m FINALLY doing two things that I’ve been promising, eluding to, teasing you with for some time now: This is a freezer meal! This is an Instant Pot meal! If you don’t have an Instant Pot, there’s absolutely no need to run away. I’ve included instructions for both the Instant Pot AND the slow cooker. While I can’t recommend the Instant Pot … Read More

broccoli cheddar mac n cheese

broccoli cheddar mac n cheese

Have you had dreams of making lovely homemade mac n cheese sauces only to find they turn out in a clumpy lumpy mess? Yeah, I’ve been there. Done that.  Then I discovered the blender recipe. Now it’s smooth sailing every time! Cheddar and broccoli are made for each other. Just like peanut butter needs chocolate and brussel sprouts need hazelnuts. Oh you haven’t heard of that one? Oh you said you don’t like brussel sprouts? That just means you haven’t tried this recipe…. once you do then we’ll talk 🙂  why it’s a smart choice Before I created my white cheddar … Read More

roasted hazelnut brussels sprouts

hazelnut brussel sprouts

Crispy brussels sprouts carmelized with maple syrup and studded with hazelnuts. These ain’t your mama’s brussels sprouts! No offence to your mother’s cooking. I’m sure she’s a fantastic chef. But even the most fantastic chef is limited by the ingredients available to them. I don’t know about you, but as a kid, the only type of brussels sprouts I ever laid eyes on were found in the frozen aisle of the grocery store. When those things were heated up they just turned into a mushy pile of bitter sadness. Enter fresh brussels sprouts. These are a whole different ballpark. They ought … Read More

meal prep mexicana mason jar salads

mason jar salad

Aaaaah, January. The time of year when you vow to stick to a budget, exercise everyday, quit drinking wine, stop eating fast food for lunch, and finally become a superhuman!  While your intentions are admirable and undoubtedly genuine, they’re unlikely to produce lasting results.  Sorry to burst your bubble by being a Realistic Rhonda over here. But you already knew it deep down, didn’t you? My friend, colleague, and newest Dietitian Blogger on the block; Kristy, had this to say on Instagram at this optimistic time of year:  ” It’s tempting to think “Oh gosh, my eating is terrible, I need to overhaul EVERYTHING!” … Read More

mexican stuffed baked potatoes

5 minute meal: Mexican Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Confessions of a major sweet potato lover. I’m not exactly your classic meat and potatoes type of cook. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. In my first decade of having moved out and cooked for myself I don’t think I ever once bought a potato. And I mostly ate vegetarian. And I make mixed up meals that don’t bode well with the “plate method” of balancing foods: You know 1/2 plate veggies, 1/4 plate starch, and 1/4 protein? Not for me. I’m a mixed up stirfry, stew, casserole type of gal.  So I never used to buy potatoes but I … Read More