Welcome to the Happy Healthy Eaters e-course! All the course material is found here, right at your finger tips. I encourage you to go through the lessons in the order presented as the material builds on the previous lessons. You will find a variety of teaching methods to suit different learning styles: written lessons, audio lessons, and video lessons. Please download your workbook here. Print it off and place it in a binder. This workbook was designed to help you reflect on your current feeding relationship with your children (or the children in your care) and implement changes that work for your family and your children.

To get the most out of the course, I recommend that you work on the course a little bit each day and complete no more than one or two lessons a day.  Don’t try to pack a week’s worth of material into one day! This way the material has a chance to sink in and register in your mind.

My goal with this course is to show you that mealtimes with children truly can be a FUN time and that children really can eat healthy!

Section One: Laying the foundation

Objective: You will identify the long-term goal when feeding children and compare/contrast common characteristics of normal and problem picky eating.

Section Two: The feeding plan

Objective: You will design an individualized feeding plan based on your family’s or childcare centre’s needs, values, and characteristics.

Section Three: Child development and behaviour

Objective: You will identify how children experience food as part of their development.

Section Four: Common feeding pitfalls

Objective: You will identify and apply solutions to common feeding snags.

Section Five: Increasing food acceptance

Objective: You will apply specific techniques aimed at improving a child’s acceptance of particular foods.

Section Six: Conclusions

Objective: You will formulate family table rules of etiquette and navigate difficult feeding situations.


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