activity: getting to know the 5 tastes

Try this activity with your kids to teach them about the different flavours! Choose one food that is strong in each of the flavour types, then get your children to describe how each one tastes. Try to choose foods they are already familiar with. When you talk about a new food that you are introducing to your kids you can refer back to this exercise. “The brussel sprouts have a bitter taste. Remember how the broccoli tasted when we did the taste test? It was bitter too!”

Being familiar with the flavour types will help them to realize that they can learn to like all kinds of new foods!



Sugar dissolved in water

Pretzel (get them to lick the salt on the pretzel without biting into it)

Salted peanuts


Lemon or lime wedge


Plain yogurt


Green mango



Plain tea

Black coffee


80% or higher dark chocolate

Tomato paste

Parmesan cheese


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