including kids in the kitchen

The more familiar children are with food items, the less scary they become, and the more willing they are to eat them.

There are additional benefits of involving a child in food preparation:
• The child will learn a fundamental skill he will benefit from throughout his entire life. Home economics classes in school used to be a basic part of a child’s education. This is no longer the case. It’s not possible to rely on your child’s school to teach her how to cook!
• Cooking and baking help to teach a child math skills. Fractions are an essential part of the imperial system. If you double or halve a recipe, multiplication or division skills are necessary.
• If something goes wrong or a mistake is made, children learn problem-solving skills to save the recipe!
• Young children will develop their fine motor skills with weighing, rolling, pouring, measuring, stirring, etc

A study done in Alberta with grade 5 children showed that the more often a child helped prepare meals at home, the more they knew about healthy eating choices and had a higher preference for fruits and vegetables!

Many of my clients have also attested to the benefits of getting their kids to help in the kitchen!

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