discovering your child’s eating personality

Early Adopters

These children are adventurous eaters. They’re naturally curious about trying new foods. If they don’t accept a new food immediately it may only take a few exposures for most food before they learn to like it.

Slow and Steady

Most children fall into this category. They are initially more cautious when offered new foods but will gradually learn to like them over time. These children might respond positively to a little nudge to encourage them to try new foods.

Uber Cautious Eater

This child is extremely cautious about trying new foods. Any attempt to encourage, even gently, may cause the child to put up a barrier and resolve not to try the food at all. According to Maryann Jacobsen, a pediatric Dietitian, this eating personality type often shows up when solids are introduced.

The distribution of children into the three categories falls into a statistical bell curve. Most children fall somewhere in between the adventurous eater and the uber cautious eater.


This information has been adapted from Raising Healthy Eaters.



Think about which category most describes your child or children. Write down their names and which type of eater they are here:


Name                                                  Type of Eater




As with other areas of parenting, the way you approach feeding your child may vary from one sibling to the next. It’s important to keep their eating personality in mind.