role modeling healthy eating habits

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your child imitates nearly everything you do. Just as children want to be able to tie their own shoes like you do, children want to acquire the eating skills that you have.  So… are you a competent eater? Are you role modeling a healthy relationship with food?

5 Ways to Role Model a Healthy Relationship with Food

  1. Eat with your children, following the same meal/snack schedule. Don’t skip breakfast!
  1. Eat the vegetables and other dishes you’ve prepared.
  1. Show them that you are learning to like new foods as well. Learning is a lifelong habit!
  1. Don’t refer to foods as healthy or unhealthy. Talk about everyday foods and sometimes foods instead. All foods fit!
  1. Refrain from talking about dieting or your weight.


Do you have work to do?

Sometimes parents have some work to do on their own eating skills and relationship with food. Knowing that your children are going to base their behaviour on yours might be the reason you need to re-examine your own feelings about food.

Examining your feelings about food

Have you ever “gone on a diet”?


Do you try to ignore feelings of hunger?


Do you have any “forbidden foods” ie. foods that you try to restrict eating?


Do you have times when you binge eat and feel as though you’ve lost control over your eating?


Do you ever feel any of these emotions before/during/after eating?


  • Guilt                                          
  • Regret                                      
  • Proud                                       
  • Anxious                                  


Are you unhappy with the size of your body?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your relationship with food might not be the healthiest. I would encourage you to seek out a Registered Dietitian who specializes in helping clients regain a healthy relationship with food


As one option, I have an online program called I Quit Overeating where I walk clients through the steps to developing a healthy relationship with food and their body.


Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like more information!