transition to mealtime

transitioning to mealtime

You’ve probably heard that children respond better to bedtime when there’s a routine in place:
• Brush teeth.
• Change into pyjamas.
• Read books.
• Get into bed.
• Turn out the main lights.

The same goes for mealtime! It’s good to have a routine in place to transition.
Informing family members in advance helps them to prepare mentally to switch from playing/doing homework/etc to mealtime.

Here are some examples for transitional activities to prepare for meal time:

¥ Inform family members in advance (dinner will be served in 5 minutes)
¥ Handwashing/bathroom break
¥ Include children in meal preparation and/or setting the table
¥ Sing a song
¥ Remind your children that they can return to what they were doing once the meal is done (or at a later time if it’s not possible right afterwards)

Write down your plan for which activities you’d like to include as part of your transition to meal time: