happy healthy eaters

Do you have to force your kids to choke down their veggies?

What if you could teach them to LOVE healthy foods and happily devour their broccoli?

If you think that sounds like a pipe dream, think again! With a little help, you too can raise happy, healthy eaters!

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"Happy Healthy Eaters will be an invaluable resource for parents struggling with mealtime battles. The format is easy to follow, fast-paced, and packed with research-based advice. As both a nutrition expert and a mom, Jessica has created a solid resource to take the questions and doubts out of the the best way to raise a healthy eater."

Katherine Younger, Registered Dietitian and mom blogger at Kath Eats Real Food

You want your child to eat healthy. Every parent does. But did anybody ever teach you how to raise a healthy eater? How many parenting decisions are as important as that? Teaching your child to love healthy eating will be THE most significant role you play in their health!

Find the answers to your feeding questions. Whether your little one is just exploring solids, or you’re already knee-deep in mealtime battles, this course was designed for you!

As a Registered Dietitian, I know that there are many healthy ways to feed children. I won’t try to fit your family into a mold with a cookie-cutter program. You will never feel boxed in to one method. At the end of the course, you will come away with a feeding plan that is specific to your family.

Explore concepts through thought-provoking questions and fun, interactive feeding activities. Become equipped and empowered to know that you are doing a great job feeding your children. At the end of this course, you will be able to confidently tell anyone who challenges your parenting decisions that you know what you are doing.

what you will get

  • A step by step course showing you exactly what to do
  • A community of parents learning to overcome the same struggles you are
  • A printable workbook with specific action steps and reflections designed to help you develop a feeding plan that will work wonders for you and your children

here is what we cover

module 1: laying the foundation

This module highlights the contrast between short and long-term goals when feeding children and identifies the characteristics of normal compared with problem picky eating.

module 2: the feeding plan

In this module you will design an individualized feeding plan based on your family’s or childcare centre’s needs, values, and characteristics. This section forms the what, where, when, and why of feeding happy healthy eaters.

module 3: child development & behaviour

This module explains how children experience food as part of their development. Once you understand what is going on in their little minds and bodies, it’s easier to figure out why they behave or react the way they do around food.

module 4: increasing food acceptance

The lessons and activities in this section will teach you how to apply specific techniques aimed at improving a child’s acceptance of foods they have previously refused. Watch in amazement as your child willingly takes a bite of ____!

module 5: putting it all together

By the end of the course you will breathe an audible sigh of relief feeling empowered with a renewed confidence in feeding your children so that they grow up to have a joyful, rewarding, and healthy relationship with food.


The written content of this course is truly comprehensive: I’ve got you covered with over 60 lessons!


Each lesson concludes with a prompt for reflection or an exercise to put what you’ve learned into action. On top of that I’ve included over 7 hands-on activities for you to do with your children to increase their food acceptance.


Everyone learns best in a different way, which is why I’ve included over 100 minutes of video lessons for the audio-visual learners.

about the creator

My name is Jessica Penner and I’m a Registered Dietitian, recovered picky eater, and mom. These are the three big reasons I’ve been inspired and equipped to teach parents how to feed their children.

In this course you’ll benefit from my professional nutrition expertise, the empathy I have from growing up as a picky eater, and the understanding I have as a parent feeding a child with a very determined spirit.

what others are saying …

"Happy Healthy Eaters is a fantastic resource for parents who are struggling with picky eaters. It will teach you to understand the reasons why you are struggling to feed your child and how you can change this, including activities to do with your child to help expand their tastebuds!"

Jennifer House, Registered Dietitian and blogger at First Step Nutrition

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