how to get groceries for free

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How to get groceries for free!

I have a confession to make. I’m that annoying girl at the grocery store who holds up the line. Most people are all efficient and start bagging their stuff once it’s scanned. Not me. I always stand right by the screen and watch the prices come up as the groceries are scanned. You’d be surprised how often the price on the register will differ from the price tag in the aisle! When this happens, the inner me does a little backflip in excitement. I politely say… “excuse me, those nectarines were scanned at $1.46 a pound but the sign indicated that they should … Read More

my 5 day chocolate detox

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My 5 Day Chocolate Detox

I used to have a love/hate relationship with chocolate. You probably know what I’m talking about.  I absolutely loved the taste, and the way it melted so decadently in my mouth. I loved it so much I could eat it nonstop. That was a problem.  So I purposely didn’t buy it very often. I didn’t keep it in the house. I just couldn’t trust myself around it. It called my name. “Ooo Jessica! Eat me! Eat me!” So I started to hate chocolate. Stop calling me, I’m not hungry! I don’t need sweets right now! When eating chocolate I would pre-decide how much I was going … Read More

7 reasons to join a farm share (CSA)

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Have you heard of a CSA? It’s an abbreviation for Community Shared Agriculture, which you can tell is a fantastic title, since nobody uses it.  You’ll hear people call it a CSA or a Farm Share.  What it is and how it works Joining a CSA is kind of like investing in a farm.  At the beginning of the growing season, you purchase a share in a CSA, which is usually just a local farm that has decided to sell its produce this way. Once the produce is ready for harvesting, you receive a regularly scheduled bundle of produce. If … Read More

master list of toddler & kid snacks

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Master list of over 50 toddler and kid snacks

This is the last list you’ll ever need to find when you’re looking for snack inspiration. Bookmark it, Pin It, and check back often because the list is always expanding! Got an idea? Add it in the comments! Kids Love to Dip! Hummus with carrots with optional crackers (like Suzie’s thin cakes) Black bean dip with red peppers with optional pita bread Peanut/nut/seed butter dip with apples or pears (steam fruit to soften for younger children) Coconut Cashew Butter Sweet n Spicy Pumpkin Seed Butter Lemon Pistachio Butter Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Vanilla & Toasted Pecan Butter Dark chocolate yogurt dip with … Read More

5 ways to stay motivated to keep cooking homemade meals

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5 ways to stay motivated to keep cooking

Today I have a guest post from my dear cousin, Corinna. She was challenged to blog everyday for 30 days and chose to write about food. Everyday I look forward to reading about what she and her family have been cooking and eating! I really love this following post, which gives practical, real life tips for keeping yourself motivated in the kitchen.  On Staying Motivated (guest post by Corinna) Let’s face it, cooking every day can lose its charm pretty quickly. Maybe it doesn’t look like I mean that, from all these foodie posts, but I’m no different than anyone … Read More

a place to start

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a bad situation? Today I went outside and felt utterly overwhelmed by my yard. It’s a mess. We have a small yard in a mediocre neighbourhood and all I see right now are weeds and mounds of dirt and random objects and stairs that are falling apart. Where do you begin when absolutely everything needs doing?  It makes us want to give up.  Maybe we should just jump ship and find a house with a yard that’s move-in ready. Or just forget about having a backyard and never step foot out there again. Today … Read More