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Eat less – enjoy food more!

Are you trying to eat less? What if I told you that the most effective way to do that is to simply enjoy the food you eat more?

What if that fully satisfied you, without the hunger and restriction you feel when you diet?

Think of the last thing you ate. How much did you enjoy it? I mean how much did you ENJOY the EXPERIENCE of eating?

Were you paying attention?

Most of us don’t sit and consciously enjoy our food. We distract ourselves while we eat, so we enjoy our food less.

When we’re not enjoying our food as much as we should be, we compensate by eating more of it.

Founder of Smart Nutrition, and the I Quit Overeating program

I quit overeating, using simple truths like this…

Before I became a Registered Dietitian, I spent a year in Germany. Yes, THE Germany that’s known for their exquisite chocolate. That year was not good for my health, OR my waistline.

Every street corner offered candies, chocolates, and pastries that were so unique, I just couldn’t pass them up! I would always vow to only eat one a day.

I would try to resist temptation all day, or try to find a way to earn a treat. Then I would criticize myself for being weak and giving in. I’d go back and forth in this exhausting mental tug of war, and I would still always finish the whole package by nightfall.

I hated the way food had control over me. It NEVER satisfied me, and I felt stuffed and gross.

Does that sound familiar to you?

does this sound like you?

“I exercise but I can’t lose weight”
“When I snack, I eat until the food is gone”
“I feel guilty about enjoying food”
“I just don’t have enough willpower”
“I struggle to control how much I eat”
“I lost it once, but I gained even more back!”
“I’m tired of trying different diets”
“I don’t know who to listen to!”

that was me too! until…

…when I started my nutrition degree, I learned the psychological factors behind overeating. I studied the attitudes it takes to make smart food choices. I realized that there were scientific explanations for why I never felt satisfied, and couldn’t go the day without finishing those chocolate bars!

This information was like nothing I’d ever heard before. It’s not talked about because it’s not a quick fix. You can’t bundle it up and market it on infomercials. It takes time, and it takes work. But it can be done – and the effects last forever.

I’m happy to say that I no longer overeat!

I’m now confident about my food choices. I eat healthy meals, but I also enjoy indulgent meals, desserts, and snacks. I’ve learned that, unlike the fad diets would like us to believe, all foods have their place! I’m now secure in the knowledge that I can enjoy a sensible amount and stop eating whenever I want. Instead of food having control over me, I have control over food and wow, does it ever feel good! This is a feeling of freedom.

anybody can do this

This is what gets me really passionate. You might be thinking that you’re too far gone, you love snacks too much, you’ve tried everything to lose weight and failed…

Well, did you know that babies don’t overeat? Humans are born with the natural instinct to eat when we’re hungry, and stop when we’re full.

You still have that natural instinct within you.

I want to help you rediscover it.

rediscover what it’s like to eat without worry

You don’t have to fret over fat grams, carbohydrates, or calories.

You CAN learn to listen to what your body is telling you.

You’ll no longer have to worry about restricting food once you
change your relationship to it.

8 weeks could change your life

my work has been featured in…

Thank you Jessica! You’ve changed my lifeDanica Burton
It took me 5 years of education, and 4 years as a Registered Dietitian to quit overeating.

I can help you do it in just 8 weeks!

It took me 5 years of education, and 4 years as a Registered Dietitian to quit overeating. I can help you do it in 10 weeks.Jessica Penner, R.D.

begin the journey – join the revolution!

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