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  • forget about relying on willpower, you’ll receive daily email lessons
  • lower your appetite with specific tips about how to choose your food  strategically
  • manage your cravings with a step by step solution
  • recalibrate your hunger and fullness cues, so you physically feel uncomfortable when you’ve overeaten
  • create an eating environment that sets you up for success
  • learn what kinds of foods to eat first to maximize your nutrition and feel fully satisfied by your meals
  • learn how to slow down your eating so that your mind registers that you’re full
  • get lifetime online group support from Jessica Penner, Registered Dietitian and founder of Smart Nutrition
  • set goals and track progress with a workbook of exercises/reflections – shipped to your door!
  • stop worrying about what to cook, with a meal plan containing over 50 recipes, worth $100!
  • get support from your peers in an exclusive online forum

graduates of the program can’t say enough about it!


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  1. You can choose a one-time payment option or 3 monthly payments
  2. Prices are in Canadian dollars, which are currently much cheaper than American dollars
  3. The cost of this program is covered by many health insurance providers
  4. I’m so confident in you and in the power of this program, I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee

the next steps once you sign up for I Quit Overeating…

1) You’ll answer a few questions that will help me tailor the program specifically for you!

2) You can immediately download the Smart Nutrition meal plan and take a look at other online resources.

3) In mid January I’ll email you instructions for joining the online forum, and you’ll receive a package in the mail containing your workbook and other goodies.

4) On February 2nd, the program will officially begin and you’ll start getting those daily emails!