Learn to listen to your body telling you when it’s hungry, and when it’s full.

“I Quit Overeating” is a powerful 12 week program that will teach you to listen to your body’s natural eating cues again. It takes you through the behavioural steps of developing new habits, with the scientifically proven tools, techniques, and time that you need to get there.

The surprising truth is that we often don’t eat as a response to hunger. We eat for so many other reasons. We eat because there’s food on our plates and we were taught to clean our plates, we eat out of habit, because of social cues, or for emotional reasons.

The good news is that you CAN learn how to respond to your body’s signals again.

This is change that will last you a lifetime


Grow new habits

We’ve all experienced the frustration of committing to a new habit, only to let it slip a few days later. The truth is that you need daily reminders about your goals and how to accomplish them. We email you every morning with exclusive content that will encourage, educate, and remind you to keep working at the habits that you’re growing.

We do this for 12 weeks, because that’s how long it takes most people to form habits.

Engage with video

Not everyone learns the same way. That’s why I provide variety in how I present the course material. With emails, videos, and workbook exercises, there is something for everyone.

  • Learn how to manage cravings
  • Find out why you should give yourself permission to eat any food
  • Improve your self-worth


Lifetime support

Learn from the unique challenges and successes that others face as they journey this program with you. This discussion takes place in a private page on Facebook so that you’re regularly reminded of it when you’re on social media. It’s a secret, invitation only group, so you are among peers.

I’m always available in this group to answer questions and guide you along the path.

  • Consult a Registered Dietitan
  • Learn and grow in a safe place

Bundled Value

The program comes bundled with these extra features to help you on your journey. A $165 value!


We ship this workbook to your door so you can easily set goals, track your progress, complete the program exercises, review your goals, and journal as you journey… all in one handy, tightly-bound book full of goodness!

VALUE = $40


Use this meal plan to jump-start your your new eating habits the right way. Make your daily food planning easy. This comprehensive, plant-based, flexitarian meal plan is based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, well-known as one of the healthiest diets in the world.

VALUE = $100


Use these postcards to keep motivated, inspired, and remind yourself about the new habits as you learn to adopt them. Place them around your house, car, workspace, or in your fridge and cupboards as a visual trigger.

VALUE = $25

Daily transformations with these powerful modules

Defining Motivation & Setting Goals

Set a strong foundation for the following weeks! Develop a clear motivation for quitting overeating that will keep you focused on your goal.

Eliminating Distractions

Before adopting any new habits, you’ll learn how you need to eliminate what’s distracting you from making healthy eating decisions.

Recalibrating Hunger & Fullness

Everyone has the ability to detect hunger and fullness but some people have lost communication with their bodies! This module will reconnect your mind with your body.

Tackling Cravings

You can have all the best intentions in the world of eating healthy but if a craving strikes, you’re a goner! In this module you will learn a step-by-step method to learn how to regain control.

Losing Diets & Restrictions

Restrictive diets don’t work; they only set you up for failure. This module will show you how to develop trust in yourself and use enjoyment of food to find the satisfaction factor.

Getting A Grip On Portions

Portion sizes have gotten out of hand over the past few decades. Learn how to use portions strategically and how to serve yourself an appropriate serving size for your body.

Hack Your Eating Habits

Learn little ways of subconsciously eating less without needing to exert Superman amounts of willpower.

Choosing Food Strategically

Some foods have more filling and appetite suppressing power than others. Learn which foods to eat to keep you full, satisfied, and cravings-free!

Taking The Time To Eat

You will learn several strategies to help you slow down your pace of eating so that you can derive maximum enjoyment from food and know when to stop eating.

Putting Exercise In Its Place

There are many health benefits to moving your body but many people fail to see movement on the scale when they increase their exercise. Learn how to use exercise the right way for maximum benefit.

Learning To Nurture Yourself

To put these strategies into place you need to start from a place of nurturing and loving yourself first. This module will leave you doubtless that you have immeasurable value and are worth developing positive habits!

The world is full of weight-loss gimmicks that do more harm than good

You can try them out, but there is no replacement for developing a healthy relationship with food. The best way to accomplish this is through a scientifically-based, habit-forming program, led personally by a Registered Dietitian.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

Here’s what our graduates have to say about the program…


A life-changing program! It has changed my relationship with food to be healthier and happier. This has been an effective program for weight loss, for learning to take better care of myself, and for improving my enjoyment of food!


On my self-assessment on the last day, I had eight 10 scores! I’ve learned to trust myself around food, I’m having far fewer cravings (and when I do have a treat, I just enjoy it to the fullest and don’t feel guilty after). I’m meal planning and trying new recipes. It has been more time consuming than before, but now I’m trading time of beating myself up and hating my body for time spent taking care of myself and enjoying my food.


I Quit Overeating has given me the tools for sustainable life long change. The lifetime membership aspect means that whenever I’m struggling or in need of a boost I can return to a supportive community of like-minded people.
I highly recommend it!


“I had an epiphany/breakthrough this week. Jessica Penner’s I Quit Overeating, program is the biggest factor. Things just suddenly clicked.

I have quit overeating. I’m more self aware of how I feel when I eat. I’m stopping when I’m not hungry any more, not when I’m full. I’m not avoiding sweets, but feel like one small piece is enough. I’m shocked at how content I am with the amount of food I’ve been eating, but I am. I have new energy, like I haven’t had in about a decade. I feel free of this thing that has had me tied down and miserable.

My goal or desire was to lose 1-2 pounds a week. But in the last 5 days, I have lost 10 pounds!!!”


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