How to Save Money on Groceries (12 tips from a Dietitian)

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12 ways to save money on groceries

12 ways I save money on groceries without coupons, and still feed my family plenty of nourishing healthy food! This post contains affiliate links. The Nutritious Food Basket, which monitors the cost and affordability of healthy eating, estimates that I would need to spend at least $900* a month in order to feed my family of four a healthy diet. I do it for under $550. We’re not just eating beans and rice either. We do eat a lot of those (since they’re tasty & healthy) but we eat so much more! We regularly consume what I would consider “luxury” … Read More

6 Ways to Make Meal Prepping More Fun

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6 ways to make meal prep fun

Do you dread meal prepping? Whether you’re just getting ready for dinner tonight, or batch cooking the whole week’s meals at once, it can definitely be a chore. Good news though: I can help make that dread disappear! Being a parent of small children has taught me that life is much easier if you can make a game out of anything. We took our son to Disney World when he was 2. Up until that point he had been happy to sit and observe life from within his stroller. The minute we stepped foot onto Main Street USA he decided that the … Read More