4 Things You Need to Know About Probiotics

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Taking a probiotic is only useful if it actually provides a health benefit! Learn how to choose and take probiotics effectively to get the most out of them! It wasn’t so long ago that the thought of ‘bacteria’ made us all cringe and think of gross microscopic creepy crawlies that make a person sick. Nowadays, we ask the question “is it good bacteria or bad bacteria?” Probiotics are the good bacteria that survive the digestive process and provide a health benefit to humans upon arrival to and colonization of the colon. Did you read that and go “huh?”  Yeah, the … Read More

Food Evolution Review – the great GMO vs organic debate

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When somebody suggested I do a Food Evolution review, I thought “oh no, not another shockumentary.” The modern documentary is problematic. It’s too powerful. Given the chance to invade people’s brain with emotionally driven images, one-sided arguments, and compelling music for 1-2 hours straight, filmmakers can convince rational people of irrational things. Combine that with some fear, and the emotional power it can have over us, and you get the very dangerous genre I call a shockumentary. These are far too common in the health world. Films like What the Health and Cowspiracy use misinformation to scare people into eating a certain … Read More

is topbuzz a scam? my experience

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is topbuzz a scam

Is Topbuzz a scam? As a quick note to my regular readers who normally come here for recipes and nutrition info, you probably don’t care. But if you’re a content creator like me, you may have the same question that I had on my mind when I got an email that looked like this: It looked like an easy way for me to increase the reach of my content here at Smart Nutrition, but I was a bit worried about whether this organization was legit, because I’d never heard of it before. I found a couple of youtube clips of people … Read More

10 must have kitchen tools

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10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

I got new kitchen tools for Christmas. I’m not always swayed by new fandangled kitchen gadgets. They’re often pointless and end up collecting dust until getting “garage sale-d” with the other junk. Like mandolin slicers… an emergency room visit just waiting to happen! But sometimes you find a gadget that totally changes everything and you can’t believe you ever lived without it!  My new gadgets got me thinking about what’s really essential to everyday cooking. Here are the 10 kitchen tools I truly couldn’t live without.  Garlic press I’m a garlic maniac. You’d be hard-pressed (get it?) to find a dinner recipe on my … Read More

How a Vitamix blender will pay for itself and improve your health

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How a Vitamix Blender (or Blendtec) can pay for itself and improve your health

If you’re looking to buy a blender, you might be wondering if the expensive brands are worth it. Some people think splurging on a Vitamix is a luxurious overspend. Before I bought one, my husband certainly thought so. “Why pay 10 times more than you have to for a kitchen appliance?” It didn’t seem like a frugal choice. I’d like to tell you why that thinking is wrong, and why my husband has completely changed his mind about expensive blenders! Don’t be cheap, be frugal! Is it frugal to buy the cheapest product you can find? There’s a difference between cheap and … Read More

meat is carcinogenic and you shouldn’t freak out

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Meat is carcinogenic and you shouldn't freak out

A headline in the UK’s Telegraph reads “Bacon, ham, and sausages a big a cancer threat as smoking, WHO to warn.”   I’m a Dietitian and I should know better, but I’m still human. So I reacted like most people who just finished a lunch featuring garlic ham sausage. I stood up and screamed “My wurst fears have been realized!”  If this was your reaction too, read on. You probably don’t need to freak out. The Press Release The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization has released a report stating that processed meat is carcinogenic to … Read More

my food and nutrition manifesto

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This is mostly for me. I showed the title of this post to my husband and he told me nobody would be interested in reading a manifesto. And that’s ok. Because I wrote this as a guiding post for me. I need to articulate my fundamental beliefs about food and nutrition so I can make sure everything at Smart Nutrition aligns with that! The reason I’m publishing them is to be transparent and let my readers know what I’m all about. If these resonate with you, then you’ll probably enjoy sticking around here a little longer 🙂 My Food and Nutrition Manifesto I believe that eating … Read More