is topbuzz a scam? my experience

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is topbuzz a scam

Is Topbuzz a scam? As a quick note to my regular readers who normally come here for recipes and nutrition info, you probably don’t care. But if you’re a content creator like me, you may have the same question that I had on my mind when I got an email that looked like this:

topbuzz email

It looked like an easy way for me to increase the reach of my content here at Smart Nutrition, but I was a bit worried about whether this organization was legit, because I’d never heard of it before.

I found a couple of youtube clips of people saying they’d made a bit of money from sharing their content with Topbuzz. I also found a couple of reddit threads where people discussed Topbuzz. It seems a lot of people have been getting emails from them.

Reddit commenters say that Topbuzz is linked to a Chinese media consortium that is aggressively trying to penetrate the North American market. There’s a lot of mixed discussion about whether it’s a good idea to join up with them. Some commenters are concerned about the legal details, as it seems Topbuzz gets never-ending rights to use your material. Others said they saw their Youtube revenue go down after joining Topbuzz.

I also found this article, which points out multiple other issues with Topbuzz as a content stream.

But I was mostly concerned with whether or not I was going to get scammed in some way. Nobody had really answered my question of whether or not topbuzz is a scam, but it seemed more legitimate than not, so I decided to try it out.

That was almost a very costly mistake.

When I signed up, Topbuzz wanted me to login through Facebook. I’ve done that with other organizations and never had a problem, so I did. Then I got a prompt that said Topbuzz wanted access to a list of Facebook pages I administer. That was a new one to me, but I cautiously said yes.

Shortly thereafter, I noticed that my admin rights to my Smart Nutrition Facebook page were gone. I couldn’t access the page that I have spent the last three years building a community with!

I panicked. It seemed like Topbuzz had stolen my Facebook page!

A quick google search told me that Facebook is generally unhelpful if you somehow lose your admin rights to a Facebook page, so I feared the worst.

Luckily, I eventually remembered that I have a backup Facebook profile that also has admin rights to my page. I was able to get control of it again using that profile, thankfully. No other admins had been added to the page, so maybe this wasn’t a deliberate attempt to hijack my page.

I reached out to Topbuzz to let them know that this happened to me. I did get a response but it was generally unhelpful. I haven’t encountered any stories of this happening to other people. Did I mess up the process of signing up with them? Did I somehow accidentally remove myself as admin from my own page? I’ve lasted this long without doing something that dumb, so I hope not, but you never know.

So, as a quick answer to the question of “is topbuzz a scam,” I would answer… maybe. I don’t really know. But I can tell you this: I would definitely advise everybody I know to stay away from it.

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12 Comments on “is topbuzz a scam? my experience”

  1. The good news is that you can make SOME money, and they do pay you based on the clicks on your videos.

    The bad news is that the clicks are constantly manipulated – you may get 10k clicks in the morning but at the end of the same day the number DROP to 5k – you never know how much you are gonna get (really depend on the mood of TopBuzz engineers that day I suppose)

    But it’s not the worst news.

    You may end up earning 0.

    So far what TopBuzz does is to get all your videos and then ban your account (without even bother to explain why, just tell you that you violate the guidelines) – so that they don’t have to pay.

    However, it’s still not the worst part of TopBuzz.

    The real interesting thing is that after your account gets banned, your videos are still there on THEIR platform and continue to make money for THEM.

    It does look like a scam – you are lured into uploading your videos on their platform, and you do get a little cash for doing it, and then you are kicked out, and your videos are now theirs.

    In short, it’s a platform that can bring you some cash if you have quality content and don’t mind being ripped off. But overall, it’s not worth any serious effort.

    Oh did I mention that YOUR videos will be copied by OTHER TopBuzz writers (or maybe by their own engineers?) the moment you upload them to the platform?

  2. Warning! TopBuzz Will Ban Your Account On the Day of Payout!

    Don’t even think about posting on topbuzz, or you will suffer great loss.

    You work hard for a whole month, spending a lot of your time.

    Finally you reach 100 USD, the threshold for withdrawl.

    And on the very day of payout, you will find your account forbidden, for “voilating” their regulations, but they will not tell you the specific reason.

    Then you will not recieve any payment.

    In this way, you work for topbuzz for more than one month without any pay.

    What’s worse, what you post on topbuzz will remain on the platform, continuing to make profits.

    Then you will realize you have just been made a fool of.

    Such is my experience during the last 40 days. Many others have exactly the same experience.

    Don’t trust Topbuzz, it is worse than a scam!

  3. As soon as I clicked my Twitter to test it out the notice told me that Topbuzz could change my Twitter Profile…I realised then something was up and did my research. Very shady, I’m ignoring their email.

  4. TOP BUZZ IS A SCAM. Everybody that has been screwed over by them should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If enough people complain there will be law enforcement action. Filing a complaint is easy, call (202) 326-2222 EST. An agent will log your complaint.
    Topbuzz is sneaky because they will shut off your monetization right before you hit the $100 threshold to withdraw your earnings. Also, even if you do reach the threshold they will not send the payment. I have one payment that is overdue of 5 months. They keep saying they will look into but they do nothing.
    In the “Withdrawal details” tab it says the payment was successfully sent, but it never shows up in your bank account.
    These guys invite you to post your content, then tell you they don’t want your content after you made them money.
    They are dishonest liars that will waste your time.
    When you file a complaint with FTC, The FTC will ask for their address-
    They are registered in the State of Delaware, United States of America under company number 5943290 and have their registered office at 1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-B and our primary business location at Building No. 1, Zhong Hang Plaza, No. 43, North 3rd Ring Road West, Haidian District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

  5. Thanks for this review. I was just using it to read content… But now I’m deleting it entirely just on principle.

  6. I actually got paid by Topbuzz. 391.92 after simply linking our FB page & YTube account. I’m not worried about owning said videos… this was an easier way to get paid instead of reaching YT’s numbers…..

  7. Massive scam now in the Internet database as WARNING This Chinese company operates outside of U.S law so can rip of any other creator who are located outside of China and you cant do a thing about it. They over me 1.5k and then on payout banned my account. Don’t reply to emails or messaging. And yet was synced to my successful Youtube channel until they go what they wanted. My material is being used on there platforms and making them money

  8. Wanted to put up my videos on sex education (school curriculum) with Topbuzz but I don’t think I will do so at more. I just got so scared.

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