this year I resolve to rediscover the joy of eating!

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This year I resolve to rediscover the joy of eating!

This time of year I’m used to hearing people say things like:

  • “This is the year I’ll get out of these bad eating habits”
  • “I wonder how long these poor diet choices will last. I thought it would end at Christmas, but maybe it’ll be New Years…”
  • “There’s this wedding in the middle of January. I’ll start eating healthy after that.”

Are you expecting me to lay down a guilt trip about procrastination?

Should I tell you there’s no better time than the present to change your life?

The truth is that we will always come up with excuses to put off changes that we don’t really want to make. Or we’ll try to make them, and fail.

The secret is to find a way to WANT the changes you NEED to make. Nobody wants to stop eating foods they enjoy. Nobody wants to restrict themselves. If these are your resolutions, you can keep making them every year, each New Years Day, and then forget them a few days later.

Instead, I challenge you to make a new type of New Years resolution. Resolve to rediscover the joy of eating.

Rediscover how to truly enjoy food, instead of eating mindlessly, eating emotionally, or eating as a habit. This is a New Years resolution you can stick to. It’s a resolution you can WANT.

The best part is that when you do this, it makes it possible to actually eat less.

When you resolve to restrict yourself, you don’t get the enjoyment out of food that your body and mind are looking for. They both revolt, and the resolution doesn’t stick.

When you resolve to enjoy food more, you get that enjoyment you need. But you get it out of less food. So you can actually eat less, LONG TERM.

Too often we focus on the results we’re looking for, without considering how we’re going to get there. People spin their wheels trying to restrict themselves from foods they love, when they could get far more traction by focussing on their enjoyment of food.

If you’re looking to make a change you can stick to, and transform the rest of your life (not just the first week of January)… now is the time to change your tactics.

You can make this resolution on your own. You can try this year out as the year that you focus on the joy of eating.

Or you can do it alongside a community made up of people like you, who are all reaching for the same goals. You can do it with the guidance of a dietitian, with concrete tips, a meal plan, targeted goals, and everything else that comes with a premiere health program.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to join a program that is actually designed by a health professional to help you improve your health and weight in a sustainable and effective way..

I invite you to join my 12 week program with a lifetime membership, “I Quit Overeating.”

It will guide you, step by step, through the process of forming new habits. You can put the joy of eating back into your life. You can quit overeating without needing to restrict yourself, or do much more than reading an email a day.

Here’s what Natalie has to say about her experience with I Quit Overeating:

I feel so much more in control and stress-free. I’ve been praying over the past year that God would set me free of my obsession about food and my body, and I really feel He has used I Quit Overeating to bring about this freedom in my life.

I’ve learned to trust myself around food, I’m having far fewer cravings (and when I do have a treat, I just enjoy it to the fullest and don’t feel guilty after). I’m meal planning and trying new recipes. I’m trading time of beating myself up and hating my body for time spent taking care of myself and enjoying my food.

And here’s Melissa:

I highly recommend it as a tool for real transformation and as an important alternative to fad diets that make unsustainable promises.

I Quit Overeating has given me the tools for sustainable life-long change. The lifetime membership aspect means that whenever I’m struggling or in need of a boost I can return to a supportive community of like minded people.

Learn more here!


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