How to Keep Your Eating on Track Over the Holidays [VIDEO]

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very full plate of traditional Christmas treats

Holiday food and eating got you stressing? Read/watch to find out how to keep your eating on track this month!



Do you feel a bit scared when the holidays roll around? From parties filled with appetizers, to the Christmas baking, to the big dinners, to the eggnog screaming at you from the fridge, how on earth are you supposed to keep to your healthy eating plan?

How are you supposed to stay on track?

My advice to you is simple.

Find a new track.

Yup. If you feel uneasy around food around the holidays that means you’re on the wrong track.

There’s a track that’s very easily to sway from. Then there’s the track that’s as solid and dependable as a rock.

The wrong track says:

  • Eat this, not that.
    Eat at this time, not that time.
    Only eat this, if you’ve done that (workout)

This track is focused on external factors, things outside of the body. It’s black and white. Either you’re on track or you’re not. This track is more like walking a tight wire on a moving train!

This tight wire track relies 100% on willpower. But, willpower only works well when life is easy. When you start to add more on to your plate, when emotions run high, willpower goes out the window.

And we all know that the holidays can get a little crazy! As my mother-in-law is famously quoted as saying one year when the holiday stress was creeping up “it is NOT the most wonderful time of the year!”  Yes, it’s a fun time of year but there’s also more on your to-do list,

If you lose focus for one second, you’re off the tight wire! And when you fall to the ground and look up, the train is already off speeding down the track without you. It’s impossible to get back on. And so you say “aah, screw it! I’m just going to overeat for December and then in January, I’ll get back on track with my eating.” Cue the New Year’s resolutions.

I see this happen every year with my website. My recipes focus primarily on healthy, nourishing choices. In December, there’s almost no one visiting my website. Then, in January, the traffic is huge!

So again, my advice to you is simple. Find a new track.

The new track doesn’t have any rules.  This new track simply has one guideline: follow your body’s wisdom, follow your eating instincts. Create a healthy relationship with your body and with food.

When you tune out all the external noise and focus your attention inwards…

  • You CAN go to that work party and enjoy some appies without regret!
  • You CAN bake cookies with your kids and enjoy eating them without guilt!
  • You CAN enjoy some eggnog, without fear that you’ll drink the whole carton in one go!
  • You CAN go to that family gathering and not leave stuffed fuller than the turkey!

You CAN be confident in your eating choices 365 days of the year! Not just in January, or when life is going really well. It all starts with focusing inwards.

If you want to learn more about willpower; how it doesn’t work very well and what to do instead, sign up to get access to my short video! You’ll be on your way to switching to this new track where you can feel confident about your eating!

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