how to tell if you’re an overeater

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Are You An Overeater? Take the quiz!

I’ve been talking about my program a lot. If you’re new around here maybe you haven’t heard about I Quit Overeating, an online program that walks you through several strategies to change habits that cause overeating.

While I was talking about the program the other day, someone asked, “how do I know if I’m an overeater?”

I was caught off-guard, because when you spend your life thinking about these things, you sometimes assume other people do too.  I was glad to be asked this question because it made me realize that overeating might not be apparent to everyone.

So I wrote this quiz, to help people who might be wondering about it. I have to give a disclaimer: although I feel this could be helpful to a lot of people, there’s no official diagnostic criteria for overeating. This is not a scientifically validated tool. The quiz below is a fun way to get you thinking about your eating habits, and help you decide whether or not you are in tune with how much food your body needs to eat!


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