5 ways going gluten-free will change your life!

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5 Ways Going Gluten Free Can Change Your Life

You don’t have to look far to find someone who will tell you just how ah-may-zing they feel since they ditched the gluten. I’ve compiled a list of 5 unconventional-but-true reasons the gluten-free diet may be your golden ticket to a new you. You’ll only be able to order a salad at fast food restaurants. Bye bye burgers, subs, pizzas, tacos, wraps, etc! You’ll have to say no to the brownies your co-worker brought in. Your morning coffee will fit your new diet, but the donut/muffin/pastry/bagel you used to eat will not. You’ll have to abandon beers after work with the buddies. You’ll … Read More

9 reasons to eat less meat

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you are eating too much meat

Selfish Reasons If you live in North American and you eat meat, you’re probably eating TOO much. As discussed in an earlier post, I’m not a vegetarian.  But since I’m a dietitian I feel obliged to tell non-vegetarians uplifting things such as The more red and processed meat you eat, the more likely you are to get colorectal and lung cancer  A vegetarian diet is associated with lower risks of chronic disease.  In a 1999 review non-vegetarians were twice as likely to suffer from diabetes or hypertension and were 88% more likely to develop colon cancer  Vegetarian diets are associated with … Read More

soy you want to know the truth?

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soy you want to know the truth?

There are so many nutrition myths.  How many, you ask?  Enough that I can’t possibly do an in-depth rebuttal of them all.  Luckily I don’t have to, because there are a lot resources out there.  If I can point you towards those resources, and ultimately towards the truth, then I’m happy. So, let’s have a quick chat about soy.  Yes, even soy is under attack.  A reader who sent me this picture was understandably concerned by this claim that soy is a cancer-causing, child-killing anti-nutrient.   Other people have already summarized the case against this myth exceedingly well.  For a good and … Read More

choose your eggs carefully

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what to look for when buying eggs

  Options are great, right?  When you have lots of options you can choose exactly what fits your needs, wants, values, etc…. but those options come at a price.  Having too many choices can be stressful and time consuming! A quick trip to the grocery store can turn into a daylong event. After  deciding which yogurt to buy, whether to buy multigrain or whole grain bread, etc. etc… you have to choose between millions of eggs that all look the same. The best egg for you depends on what matters most to you.  Nutrition?  The way the hens were raised?  Price? Each … Read More

what’s your eating style?

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I’m a flexitarian…. A flex-a-what-again? Individual eating styles are quickly becoming the norm. It’s no longer a surprise to meet someone and find out they have a restricted diet, so they don’t eat meat, lactose, gluten, or some other such thing. I even have friends who eat absolutely no sugar, but deep-fry most of their food! Some people, like those with Celiac disease, have a diet thrust upon them with the very real consequence that they’ll likely die sooner if they don’t adhere to it. Others make the decision based on ethics, health benefits, taste preference, or – like my … Read More

how to raise a competent eater

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how to raise a competent eater

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance for supporting Smart Nutrition. How can we raise our children to be competent eaters? Some kids have it in them naturally. The other day I observed a friend’s family eating dinner. When dessert was served, there were options: chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs, or whole wheat spelt blueberry muffins. My friend’s older son chose the muffin. Her younger son chose the cookie. Same household, same parenting style, two different choices. If your kid chooses fruit over chocolate, you’ve won the kid lottery. No mealtime battles with that one!  But what about the kid who chooses … Read More

no meat? no worries

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No Meat No Worries what to do when your teen decides to become a vegetarian

This article originally appeared in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s health and wellness magazine called The Wave when I worked as a Public Health Dietitian. No Meat? No Worries. “Mom, Dad, I’ve decided to become a vegetarian.” These words have been known to strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. The reason: Many parents worry their son or daughter won’t be able to get enough of the nutrients needed to maintain good health from a diet that does not include meat. But if you happen to be one of these parents, you needn’t worry. A vegetarian diet can be just … Read More