Get the Most From Your Smoothie With These 7 Ingredients

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Get The Most From Your Smoothie

As I mentioned in an earlier post,  smoothies are only as healthy as the ingredients you use.  Some people seem to think that if you put things in a blender, whatever comes out is a smoothie.  Have you heard of the “Cookies ‘n Cream smoothie?”  That’s a milkshake, people! Then there’s the other extreme: smoothies that promise all sorts of health miracles. Detox smoothie! Drink yourself skinny smoothie! Natural rhinoplasty smoothie! Yeah, I’ve never seen that last one, but the others sound equally ridiculous to me.   So what are some healthful smoothie ingredients? 1. Seeds These add fibre, omega 3 fatty … Read More

8 reasons to see a dietitian

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Reasons to See a Dietitian

There are many reasons to see a dietitian! 1. You’re in a bad relationship with food If you have a love/hate relationship with food, it’s time to change that and create a love/love relationship instead! Eating should be for nourishment AND enjoyment! 2.  You’re iron deficient Did you know that iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world? It’s also the most common among toddlers and preschool aged children. Learn how to tweak your diet and incorporate key foods and ingredients to help resolve iron deficiency and keep it from returning. 3. You want to eat like _____ If you’ve … Read More

Power Up – How To Get Teens To Eat More Fruits and Veggies

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How to Get Teens to Eat Fruits and Veggies

This article originally appeared in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s health and wellness magazine called The Wave when I worked as a Public Health Dietitian. It was published in September 2012.  Power Up The findings hardly come as a surprise. According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, more than half of all teenagers eat less than five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. That’s well under the seven or eight servings a day recommended by Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. What might be surprising is that the lack of fruit and vegetable consumption does not appear to be a result of poor … Read More

3 Key Nutrients for Your Toddler

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Key Nutrients for your Toddler

Toddlers need all the same nutrients as adults do, but they are growing fast, developing quickly, and typically very active.  Certain nutrients standout as either being more critical for this age group or more challenging to get enough of. 1. Iron One of the key nutrients for toddlers is iron. 9% of toddlers in the United States are iron deficient. Some great sources of iron include meat, poultry, fish, seeds, nuts, and legumes such as soya beans, lentils, and chickpeas.  2. Vitamin D Another important nutrient, which is needed for proper bone development and a healthy immune system, is vitamin D. Although … Read More

are smoothies healthy?

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Are Smoothies Healthy?

Smoothies have a funny reputation. Some people assume that all smoothies are healthy, while others are wary of smoothies due to this unrealistic reputation. I was recently asked if it would be a healthy choice to consume salads in smoothie form.  This person told me she ate a salad every day for lunch and was wondering whether it would be okay to blend those salad ingredients up into a smoothie instead. Smoothie Benefits It’s a perfectly fine choice to consume salad ingredients as a smoothie. Smoothies make a convenient meal that you can easily eat on the go. It’s also a great way to eat some healthy foods that you might … Read More

should i buy fresh or frozen fruits and veggies?

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should i buy fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables?

Frozen, the movie, is so “in” right now. When it comes to food, though, fresh is the buzzword everybody uses.  But is fresh really best? I want to bring frozen veggies and fruits back into style.  As a dietitian, I love them.  Here’s why: Less food waste. Did you know that a third to half of all food ends up in the garbage? I hate it when I open the fridge to find my berries all mouldy. They’re perfectly fine one evening and then I wake up the next morning to mould. When your fruit is frozen you never have to … Read More

how to put an end to your dieting days

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Have you seen this article about fad diets you should absolutely never try?  From the laughable (eating jars of baby food), to the dangerous (purposefully infecting yourself with tapeworms), it’s clear that people are willing to turn off their brains and try anything in the hopes of losing weight. It’s sad that this article even needs to exist.  Many people are obsessed by weight loss, but not many are very successful, so they keep trying new strategies that are ultimately unproven and unsustainable. Many people are so tired of asking weight loss questions, that they will believe anything is the answer. Many people focus on good … Read More