how to put an end to your dieting days

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Have you seen this article about fad diets you should absolutely never try?  From the laughable (eating jars of baby food), to the dangerous (purposefully infecting yourself with tapeworms), it’s clear that people are willing to turn off their brains and try anything in the hopes of losing weight. It’s sad that this article even needs to exist.  Many people are obsessed by weight loss, but not many are very successful, so they keep trying new strategies that are ultimately unproven and unsustainable. Many people are so tired of asking weight loss questions, that they will believe anything is the answer. Many people focus on good … Read More

5 ways eggs are better than you think

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Eggs have a bad reputation that they just can’t seem to shake. The ‘90s may have been good for Aqua and Pearl Jam but they sure gave eggs a hard time. This is too bad, because there are many reasons why eggs are fantastic. #1 – High Quality Protein The protein in eggs consistently scores high across different measurements of protein quality. Proteins, like words, are comprised of letters of an alphabet. Protein’s “alphabet” contains 21 letters called amino acids. 9 of these are called essential because the human body needs to get them from food, while your body can … Read More

eat this way every day

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The Huffington Post recently asked Nita Sharda, my fellow Winnipegger, Registered Dietitian, and blogger, to share her thoughts about Canada’s Food Guide, along with other Canadian Dietitians and Nutritionists (Woo hoo! Way to go Nita!). I recently received a similar request from a reader. I had been working on an article about Canada’s Food Guide, and to be quite honest, it was boring, so I was pumped to see that Nita and others had already covered this topic for me!  Check out the article, it’s very informative.  I only have a two cents (or three) of my own to add.  I just … Read More

nutrition washing

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I remember the first time I came across multigrain tortilla chips. It was the summer after my first year of university, back in the dark days before I was formally educated in nutrition. I was lounging on the dock at my friend’s cabin when she pulled out a bag of these new-fangled chips and cracked it open.  It was incredibly satisfying to snack on them. It’s not as if we were eating regular chips. These were healthy chips. They were multigrain for goodness’ sake! I probably ate a few more chips than I normally would for good measure. It wasn’t … Read More

Your Healthy is not My Healthy

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Working in the nutrition field, people often ask me whether this food or that food is healthy.  Someone will say… “I don’t understand why I get sick all the time…. I eat so healthy.” If someone asked you whether carrots are good for you, what would you answer? Most people would say yes, it is a healthy choice. What if you knew someone who ate ONLY  carrots? Would you still think that this was a healthy choice? It’s an extreme example, but healthy is a relative term. If you only ate carrots, you’d get a ton of vitamin A but … Read More

the power of chia

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I recently received this question via email: A week ago I started eating chia seeds because I had seen it in a news article on the top 10 super foods. When I read up on it I can’t help but wonder why everyone in the world is not eating it. What do you know about it? Is it as good as this article says it is? On the scale of optimistic to pessimistic I am usually faulted for being overly optimistic but I have to admit that my pessimistic side clambers to attention when I see a media article on … Read More