how to reduce food waste by throwing it out

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How throwing food out can actually reduce food waste

It’s hard to scrape food into the garbage, isn’t it? Doing it just feels wrong.  Do the following descriptions resonate with you? I was taught from a young age not to waste food, so I finish my plate whether I’m hungry or not. There isn’t much dinner left in the pot; it’s hardly worth packing up for lunch tomorrow. I’ll just finish it. Several years ago I came across a poster from the Government of Canada highlighting different strategies to reduce food waste during World War II. One point they emphasized was to throw excess food out!  I was shocked to hear … Read More

one simple trick that makes ANY dessert healthier!

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One simple trick that makes any dessert healthier

Some desserts, like Espresso Dark Chocolate Torte, are not meant to be healthy. Some desserts are simply not meant to be lightened up, reduced in sugar, or have whole wheat flour substituted for the all-purpose.  However, there IS still a way to make these desserts healthier.   Now, without any further ado, I’d like to present to you my neat little trick to make any dessert healthier…. That’s it, that’s all, folks!  There are a couple of reasons why I recommend this trick: a) If you try to make a dessert healthier, then you will “feel good” about it and be more … Read More

how to tell if you’re an overeater

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Are You An Overeater? Take the quiz!

I’ve been talking about my program a lot. If you’re new around here maybe you haven’t heard about I Quit Overeating, an online program that walks you through several strategies to change habits that cause overeating. While I was talking about the program the other day, someone asked, “how do I know if I’m an overeater?” I was caught off-guard, because when you spend your life thinking about these things, you sometimes assume other people do too.  I was glad to be asked this question because it made me realize that overeating might not be apparent to everyone. So I wrote this quiz, to help people who … Read More

how to put an end to your dieting days

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Have you seen this article about fad diets you should absolutely never try?  From the laughable (eating jars of baby food), to the dangerous (purposefully infecting yourself with tapeworms), it’s clear that people are willing to turn off their brains and try anything in the hopes of losing weight. It’s sad that this article even needs to exist.  Many people are obsessed by weight loss, but not many are very successful, so they keep trying new strategies that are ultimately unproven and unsustainable. Many people are so tired of asking weight loss questions, that they will believe anything is the answer. Many people focus on good … Read More