5 reasons meal subscription services fail

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It happens occasionally. I get relieved when people fail. For example, I’m not a huge fan of meal subscription services… the diet programs that send you pre-portioned meals. It seems like a good idea initially: someone plans healthy meals, pre-portions them, and sends them to you. All you have to do is heat them up and eat them. Foolproof way to lead a healthy lifestyle, right?  Wrong. Meal services that send you healthy food can be a great way for busy people with money to eat healthy. But when I see them used as a weight-loss technique, I die a little … Read More

do genetics dictate your weight?

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Do genetics dictate your weight?

Have you ever wondered how some people stay thin their whole life?   Are these people uber-motivated high-performing super-humans who never take a day off from their calorie-counting, exercise-heavy lifestyle?   Not necessarily. You can probably think of a thin person who does not have their life together any more than the rest of us. Or, think of a very successful larger person who does.   Are thin people thin because of genetics? Certainly genetics can play a factor. But we have the power to control a lot.   Check out my husband’s story of using technique when your genetics fail … Read More

10 habits that keep you overeating

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Top 10 Habits that keep you overeating

This article originally appeared on Kath Eats Real Food.  Kath is a RD and bakery shop owner who posts delicious recipes and informative nutrition articles. Check out her blog for inspiration from what a Dietitian really eats!  Ten Habits That Keep You Overeating I was an active kid, but for some reason I had no endurance. After 10 seconds of running I was out of breath, with a burning stitch in my side. There’s a name for this: Exercise-Related Trans Abdominal Pain. It was extremely painful, but people just thought I was lazy. All my life I was jealous of people who could run. … Read More

test your protein knowledge!

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Which food has more protein?

Everybody loves protein. You’ll find low fat enthusiasts and low carb enthusiasts but you’d be hard pressed to find a low protein enthusiast. While nearly every North American gets enough total protein in their diet, most are loading up at the wrong time of day: at dinner! Studies are showing that eating more protein earlier on in the day at breakfast and lunch can have a big impact on our health. Take this quiz to found out how much you know about protein. You’ll have fun and learn a little too! If you want to learn more about how protein … Read More

my 5 day chocolate detox

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My 5 Day Chocolate Detox

I used to have a love/hate relationship with chocolate. You probably know what I’m talking about.  I absolutely loved the taste, and the way it melted so decadently in my mouth. I loved it so much I could eat it nonstop. That was a problem.  So I purposely didn’t buy it very often. I didn’t keep it in the house. I just couldn’t trust myself around it. It called my name. “Ooo Jessica! Eat me! Eat me!” So I started to hate chocolate. Stop calling me, I’m not hungry! I don’t need sweets right now! When eating chocolate I would pre-decide how much I was going … Read More

how to reduce food waste by throwing it out

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How throwing food out can actually reduce food waste

It’s hard to scrape food into the garbage, isn’t it? Doing it just feels wrong.  Do the following descriptions resonate with you? I was taught from a young age not to waste food, so I finish my plate whether I’m hungry or not. There isn’t much dinner left in the pot; it’s hardly worth packing up for lunch tomorrow. I’ll just finish it. Several years ago I came across a poster from the Government of Canada highlighting different strategies to reduce food waste during World War II. One point they emphasized was to throw excess food out!  I was shocked to hear … Read More

one simple trick that makes ANY dessert healthier!

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One simple trick that makes any dessert healthier

Some desserts, like Espresso Dark Chocolate Torte, are not meant to be healthy. Some desserts are simply not meant to be lightened up, reduced in sugar, or have whole wheat flour substituted for the all-purpose.  However, there IS still a way to make these desserts healthier.   Now, without any further ado, I’d like to present to you my neat little trick to make any dessert healthier…. That’s it, that’s all, folks!  There are a couple of reasons why I recommend this trick: a) If you try to make a dessert healthier, then you will “feel good” about it and be more … Read More