Let your kids eat their Halloween candy!

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How to let your kids eat ALL the Halloween candy they want (and not feel like a failure of a parent for doing so!) #halloween #halloweencandy #parentingwin #feedingkids #healthykids #halloweentreats

How to let your kid eat all the Halloween candy they want and not feel like a failure of a parent In my top 7 tips for celebrating Halloween without any guilt, I encouraged you to let your kids eat as MUCH candy as they want on Halloween. Just on that one day, mind you, but yes… all of the candy they want. Maybe you think I’m off my rocker with that one! “If I do that, my kid will eat until he’s sick” “Or, I tried that once and my kid DID eat until he vomited!” A tummy ache is … Read More

7 tips to a Halloween without guilt – from a Registered Dietitian

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It’s Halloween, so here I am, your Registered Dietitian, to tell you not to eat any candy and not have any fun! Naw, not really. Contrary to what my casual acquaintances seem to think, my job as a dietitian is not to make you feel guilty! Don’t you do that enough yourself? No, I’m here to help you ENJOY your experience with food, and get rid of that guilt. So, here are some tips for how to truly enjoy this holiday, rather than letting it become a source of conflict in the home, and a source of guilt for everyone. … Read More

master list of toddler & kid snacks

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Master list of over 50 toddler and kid snacks

This is the last list you’ll ever need to find when you’re looking for snack inspiration. Bookmark it, Pin It, and check back often because the list is always expanding! Got an idea? Add it in the comments! Kids Love to Dip! Hummus with carrots with optional crackers (like Suzie’s thin cakes) Black bean dip with red peppers with optional pita bread Peanut/nut/seed butter dip with apples or pears (steam fruit to soften for younger children) Coconut Cashew Butter Sweet n Spicy Pumpkin Seed Butter Lemon Pistachio Butter Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Vanilla & Toasted Pecan Butter Dark chocolate yogurt dip with … Read More

ratatouille on breakfast television

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I want to thank Breakfast Television for giving me the opportunity to share some tips for parents of picky eaters.  Below you can read more about the three tips I gave to viewers, and I’ve posted the recipe at the bottom. 3 Tips for Your Picky Eater  1. Enjoying the taste of new foods is a learning process  Many people think that we are born with our taste preferences. Either we like a food or we don’t, right?  Obviously there are some individual taste preferences, but most people can learn to like new foods. Studies show that it can take up to 15-20 … Read More

how to raise a competent eater

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how to raise a competent eater

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance for supporting Smart Nutrition. How can we raise our children to be competent eaters? Some kids have it in them naturally. The other day I observed a friend’s family eating dinner. When dessert was served, there were options: chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs, or whole wheat spelt blueberry muffins. My friend’s older son chose the muffin. Her younger son chose the cookie. Same household, same parenting style, two different choices. If your kid chooses fruit over chocolate, you’ve won the kid lottery. No mealtime battles with that one!  But what about the kid who chooses … Read More