master list of toddler & kid snacks

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Master list of over 50 toddler and kid snacks

This is the last list you’ll ever need to find when you’re looking for snack inspiration. Bookmark it, Pin It, and check back often because the list is always expanding!

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Kids Love to Dip!

For a balanced snack, aim to offer foods from 2-3 food groups, making sure one of which is always a fruit or a vegetable.

Kids Love to Sip!

Kids Love to Pick it Up!

Remember, if you’re on the go and the food you brought is perishable, pack the snack in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack.

Kids Love to Slurp!

Moms Love Lazy Options!

  • Leftover pancakes or waffles with raspberries
  • Leftover grilled cheese sandwich
  • Any other leftover dinner

12 Toddler Lunch Ideas




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4 Comments on “master list of toddler & kid snacks”

  1. Ya, I freeze them on a cookie sheet so they don’t stick together and them toss them all in a large freezer bag. It doesn’t taste as good as fresh but they don’t seem to mind.

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