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RDs Spill the Beans is a feature where I interview Registered Dietitians about the food they eat and their nutrition philosophies. People always seem to be interested in what dietitians eat, so now’s your chance to take a sneak peak into a dietitian’s fridge :)
Today’s interview is with Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN, a registered and New York State-certified dietitian nutritionist and the founder of Nutritioulicious, a nutrition communications and consulting business in the New York area. She is a spokesperson and brand ambassador for various food and beverage companies, including Fresh Express, Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese, and the Corn Refiners Association. You can follow Jessica on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+, and Instagram, and get more of her Nutritioulicious recipes on her blog.
Smart Nutrition:Describe your eating style in 5 words or less
Jessica:  Delicious food made more nutritious
Smart Nutrition: What are your favourite foods?
Jessica: Most fresh fruit (except bananas!), Pad Thai, moist roast chicken breast, soups
Smart Nutrition: List 5 foods that are always in your fridge or pantry
Jessica: fruit, salad, soy sauce, cheese, hummus
Smart Nutrition: Are there any foods you would never eat from a nutrition point of view?
Jessica: no – I truly believe all foods can fit in a healthy lifestyle
Smart Nutrition: If you could only send one nutrition message out to the world, what would it be?
Jessica: Deprivation and restriction don’t work. Allowing yourself to eat the foods you want – even if just in small amounts – is a much more balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle.
Smart Nutrition: What do you think people should relax more about in terms of eating/food?
Jessica: Labeling of foods as GMO/non-GMO, organic vs conventional and the type of sugar in foods. Sugar is sugar is sugar, whether it’s table sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey, etc.
Smart Nutrition: Are there any current nutrition/food trends that you find have merit? Conversely, are there any that just make your eyes roll?
Jessica: There are a few that definitely have merit:
1) focus on locally sourced food & using seasonal ingredients
2) healthier kids’ meals
3) greater use of nuts and beans
The ones that make my eyes roll:
1) The health halo around “natural”
2) the Gluten-free craze as a weight-loss diet
3) focus on GMO vs non-GMO

Smart Nutrition: What inspired you to become a dietitian?

Jessica: My own struggles and those of others around me in high school and college to find a healthy balanced diet that wasn’t too restrictive nor too much of a free-for-all. I spent many years specializing in eating disorders as a result of this goal. Now that I’m a mom, my inspiration is to help parents and families get healthier meals on the table more easily and to communicate accurate nutrition information to the public.

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