5 nut and seed butters to boost your health

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5 nut and seed butters

Nuts and Seeds: Nature’s Multivitamin

Think of nuts and seeds as nature’s multivitamin. These mighty little foods are filled with minerals, healthy fats, plant protein, anti-oxidants, and more. They’re the complete package. Observation studies show that people who consume nuts everyday are less likely to develop diabetes or heart disease, which are two of the leading causes of death and morbidity in North America. 

To see health benefits, you only need to eat 1/4 cup of nuts/seeds or 2 tablespoons of nut/seed butter each day! Portion control is important because they are high in calories. 

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The recipes linked below taste great on toasted sourdough bread, blended with smoothies, stirred into oatmeal, or baked into muffins. Combining a high fat food, such as these nut butters, with a source of carbohydrates helps the body to absorb the carbohydrates more slowly. This results in better control of blood sugars!


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  • coconut cashew butter

    Coconut Cashew Butter

  • lemon pistachio butter

    Lemon Pistachio Butter

  • chocolate hazelnut butter

    Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

  • vanilla pecan butter

    Vanilla & Toasted Pecan Butter

  • sweet and spicy pumpkin seed butter

    Sweet ‘n Spicy Pumpkin Seed Butter


You might also be interested in these savoury nut and seed butters!

3 Savoury Nut & Seed Butters to boost your health


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