chocolate covered raisin cookies (no bake)

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chocolate covered raisin cookies (no bake)

These are the best no-bake cookies ever! You know how sometimes no-bake cookies can end up feeling a little sandy and gritty? These are nothing like that. These are…. Soft. Fudgey. Melt-in-your-mouth. Perfection. I adapted this recipe from Nicole at Gluten Free on a Shoestring. If you’re interested she goes into a good explanation of the science behind no-bake cookies. Yes, COOKIE SCIENCE! Essentially, overcooking results in a crumbly mess and undercooking results in a gooey mess. Her solution? Chocolate insurance. As Nicole says, this is the BEST kind of insurance! Since chocolate is solid at room temperature, it helps the mixture to … Read More

bacon cheese and egger muffins

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I eat a mostly vegetarian diet for my own health and the health of the planet. But there’s this little thing getting in my way of going all in: BACON! Oh wonderful, salty, smoky, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth bacon! The top choice at breakfast buffets. The star of the BLT. The one and only meat I would eat as a child. What is life without bacon? It’s true that I have made a rather good vegan bacon bit substitute.  My vegetarian and vegan friends tell me emphatically that it’s a really good stand in. It’s salty, smoky, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth good. But, alas, it’s … Read More

flourless pumpkin chocolate chip breakfast cake

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At first it sounds as though I’m doing something cool and fancy by making a CAKE for breakfast. But, for real, it’s just my lazy girl version of muffins! I’m all about making life easier in the kitchen! Muffin tins can be such a pain to wash. Muffins can sometimes also be a pain to get out of the tin. Using a 9×12 to bake your muffin batter solves both of these problems.  why it’s a smart choice This recipe falls in line with my criteria for choosing a healthy granola bar/snack bar/muffin, etc: <8g sugar >4g protein a carb to … Read More

Perfect Baked Fries Recipe

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Perfect Home Fries

These baked fries are absolute fry perfection! They’re fool-proof crispy and have the best seasoning on them! Don’t sacrifice taste when opting for a healthier choice.  I recently heard that sprinkling fries with vinegar is just a Manitoban thing. I sure hope this isn’t correct because the rest of the world is missing out! But if it is true, then my mission with this post is to share the vinegar love with you all! Now, you can’t really put vinegar on all fries. If you go to McDonald’s or some other chain with stripped down no-skin fries, it doesn’t really … Read More

the best chocolate chips cookies you will ever eat (and they’re gluten free)!

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Repurpose Halloween candy to make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Say hello to the. best. chocolate chip. cookies. EVER.  I’ve made my fair share of chocolate chip cookies. I know what I like and especially what I don’t like.  This is what I don’t like in a chocolate chip cookie: dry and crumbly crunchy all the way through soft and fluffy  hardly any chocolate chips This is what I do like in a chocolate chip cookie: chewy centre crispy edges simultaneous tastes of sweet and salty enough chocolate chips without being overly chocolate-y And this recipe has all those boxes check-marked! But the most incredibly part of this recipe is that it’s…. … Read More

banana chocolate chip muffins (gluten free)

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Marriage has taught me that two people can both very much enjoy muffins, but have a completely different point of view on them.  I love ALL muffins. I’m an experimenter, which means I’m constantly trying out new flavours and recipes (I think that’s obvious; I’m a food blogger after all!). Jeremy loves banana chocolate chip muffins…. and that’s all.  Oh he’ll eat the other flavours I make. But it’s no love affair. The whole time he’s just wishing it was a banana chocolate chip muffin.  You know it’s love when 75% of the muffins I bake are banana chocolate chip.  Why It’s … Read More

high protein peanut butter granola

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High Protein Peanut Butter Granola

You’re going to look at the list of ingredients, spot the lentils, and immediately head for the hills. But wait! Remember the first time you heard of someone using cauliflower to make alfredo sauce? You were doubtful. But then you were curious and you tried it and it was delicious! Or the first time you heard of someone using avocados to make chocolate pudding? Sounded strange but then you tried it and discovered a silky smooth treat.  I posted a lentil granola recipe about a year ago but it never got much love. I think it’s because I didn’t pump it up … Read More