sourdough naan bread

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Sourdough Naan

I keep adapting my favourite baked goods recipes to use my sourdough starter. So far, I’ve been loving the sourdough versions so much more than the originals. This naan recipe is no exception! Don’t have a sourdough starter going yet? It only takes 7 days until you can start using the probiotic-rich stuff! Check this post out for more info on how to get one going.   Why It’s A Smart Choice Sourdough: This article has a great summary on the health benefits of sourdough bread.  Check it out for all the references but here’s the TLDR version: The lactic acid bacteria … Read More

one bowl banana nut muffins (whole wheat and gluten free versions)

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Banana Nut Muffin GF

Most muffin recipes will get you to mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another. But by strategically adding the ingredients in a specific order, you can achieve the same amazing, fluffy, high top muffins by only using ONE bowl! I hate dirtying more bowls than necessary, don’t you?  Why It’s A Smart Choice Each muffin has at least 1 tablespoon of ground nuts. I keep gushing about nuts but I can’t stop; they’re nature’s multi-vitamin! Chocked full with minerals such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, as well as vitamins E, and several B … Read More

gluten free snickerdoodle

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gluten free snickerdoodle

This is not your Mom’s snickerdoodle recipe. Snickerdoodle. What an awesome name for a cookie. An awesome name for an awesome, delicious treat! I remember going to school with a lunchbag in hand, filled with a healthy lunch and a homemade dessert.  Snickerdoodles, granola bars, fruit leather… my mom showered us with food love. But I didn’t realize how good I had it.  At lunch time I would look around and see all the other kids pull out their Oreos, their Chewy Quaker Chocolate Dipped Bars, and their Fruit-Roll-Ups.   Why did I so desperately want those?  They all taste like cardboard … Read More

canadian prairie lentil granola

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prairie lentil granola

If you follow my Instagram account you know that I’m a bit of a lentil nut. I’m consistently amazed at their versatility and how well they pair with nearly every other food on the planet. They don’t have a strong flavour on their own so they can be included in many recipes. You might be asking why I would want to include them in so many recipes?  Here are my top 5 reasons for eating lentils 1) Source of iron. Since iron is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world, I’m fanatical about choosing foods that are high in iron. The amount … Read More

Sourdough Seed Bread

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sourdough seed bread

Have you started your sourdough culture yet? If not, I’m going to be tempting you to get started, with many delicious sourdough recipes coming in the next little while! My mom makes a delicious loaf of bread from a recipe called “Good Seed Bread.” I adapted her recipe to a sourdough version. Why This Sourdough Seed Bread is a Smart Choice Seeds: Nature’s Multivitamin Think of nuts and seeds as nature’s multivitamin. These mighty little foods are filled with minerals, healthy fats, plant protein, anti-oxidants, and more. They’re the complete package. Observation studies show that people who consume nuts everyday are … Read More

Overnight Sourdough Waffles

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sourdough waffles with vanilla and berry sauce

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, these sourdough waffles are a healthier version of the traditional Belgian waffle. I’ve always liked waffles. Who doesn’t!? Then I traveled to Belgium and figured I’d reached waffle heaven. Once you’ve had crispy, chewy, yeasty Belgian waffles there’s no going back. I thought Belgian waffles were the pinnacle of waffle perfection! But I was still willing to try another kind of waffles.  I wanted to use some of my sourdough starter, but didn’t feel like making bread.  I love the health benefits of sourdough, so I figured I’d try sourdough waffles and see how … Read More

high fibre, white flour blueberry muffin

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High fibre white flour blueberry muffins

Sometimes you just want to bake with white flour. It happens. I know, I’ve been there. Maybe you have company coming over and you want your muffins to be fluffy and gorgeous. Maybe you want to see that amazing contrast of the dark blue berries and the white muffin.   At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice the fibre that would come from using whole wheat and bran, because you know your body needs fibre.   What if I told you that you could have your white muffin and your fibre too?  It’s shocking, but true, and it’s all … Read More