Rhubarb Banana Bread – super moist

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rhubarb banana bread super moist

An incredibly moist banana bread whose sweetness is balanced by the tart addition of rhubarb. I’ve discovered the best way to do recipe testing. Get you guys to do the work for me! Just kidding. But you lovely readers really helped me out with this recipe! I posted a pic of my first attempt at rhubarb banana bread on Instagram and had so many people ask me for the recipe. I knew the recipe needed work so I quickly made another loaf, which I thought was perfect. But I’m just one opinion. Then I sent the recipe to anyone who … Read More

chocolate covered raisin cookies (no bake)

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chocolate covered raisin cookies (no bake)

These are the best no-bake cookies ever! You know how sometimes no-bake cookies can end up feeling a little sandy and gritty? These are nothing like that. These are…. Soft. Fudgey. Melt-in-your-mouth. Perfection. I adapted this recipe from Nicole at Gluten Free on a Shoestring. If you’re interested she goes into a good explanation of the science behind no-bake cookies. Yes, COOKIE SCIENCE! Essentially, overcooking results in a crumbly mess and undercooking results in a gooey mess. Her solution? Chocolate insurance. As Nicole says, this is the BEST kind of insurance! Since chocolate is solid at room temperature, it helps the mixture to … Read More

chocolate chip oatmeal waffles [gluten free]

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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Waffles

I’ve been making these oatmeal chocolate chip waffles for years. I probably make them about once a month. It’s my go-to recipe when the bananas in my fruit bowl are starting to pop a lot of brown spots.  Even though I’ve been making them for years, I’ve somehow failed to share this recipe with you!  I wasn’t in the habit of measuring any ingredients for these waffles so I literally didn’t have any recipe to share. Unless you want to follow instructions like ” melt a blob of coconut oil in the microwave” and “add enough oats and flour until a thick dough … Read More

chocolate pavlova with mascarpone cream and fresh berries

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Chocolate Berry Pavlova

An Italian twist on the classic meringue dessert from New Zealand. This chocolate pavlova is one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted! I thought I loved dessert. And then I met this chocolate pavlova.  So far I’ve had two people tell me after tasting it that this is the BEST dessert they have ever ever tasted. Seriously… should I even bother experimenting with any other sweets when this recipe is just sooooo good? Okay, there is one very good reason why I won’t make this every time I’m asked to bring dessert. It’s quite rich! One serving is 485 calories … Read More

watermelon lemon italian ice (blender recipe)

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Watermelon Lemon Italian Ice

We had a bunch of watermelon leftover for Judah’s birthday party so I diced and froze a bunch of it. Since then, just to use it up I had been throwing it in the blender with some fresh watermelon, lemon juice, and a touch of sweetener. Then it all of a sudden occurred to me that this was a legitimate recipe I could share with you. I decided to ask my Instagram tribe if they would be interested in the recipe and the answer was a very exuberant “yes!” So here it is! Italian Ice? What makes this an Italian ice? Well, … Read More

choco banano (chocolate-covered frozen banana)

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Choco Banano: aka chocolate covered frozen banana!

A super easy choco banano recipe that makes a healthy summertime treat! Chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas are a match made in heaven! I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for weeks… but we keep eating these choco bananos before I can photograph them. Oops! Definitely wasn’t on purpose. I definitely didn’t do it so that I’d be forced to make more of them…. You might be wondering about my spelling. “Banana is spelled with an “A” at the end, Jessica!” I’ve gone a little Spanish-loco on you. The first time I discovered the wonders of chocolate-covered frozen bananas was … Read More

3 Ingredient Strawberry Nice Cream

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Strawberry Nice Cream Recipe

With only 3 ingredients and a blender you’ll have strawberry nice cream made in 5 minutes! A perfect treat with half the calories of ice cream.  I love “nice cream!” If you’re like my husband and have no idea what nice cream is, it’s like ice cream, but it’s made with frozen bananas. When I told my husband this, he said “that sounds a lot like a good food vs. bad food mentality.” I hadn’t thought about that. What makes “nice cream” nice? Is it because it’s made with more fruit than regular ice cream? That makes it healthier, right? … Read More