espresso dark chocolate torte (gluten-free)

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Take a look at the ingredient list in this recipe. You might see words such as chocolate, whipping cream, or butter but all I see is: indulgent indulgent indulgent You might be surprised though, to hear that I am all about this recipe! I made it to mark a special occasion: Valentine’s Day.  Special occasions call for some indulgent treats.   When a person gets too preoccupied with healthy eating, it can actually turn into orthorexia nervosa, a newly recognized eating disorder. People who develop orthorexia become obsessed with maintaining a perfect diet. If they slip up and eat something “unhealthy” it can … Read More

gluten free snickerdoodle

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gluten free snickerdoodle

This is not your Mom’s snickerdoodle recipe. Snickerdoodle. What an awesome name for a cookie. An awesome name for an awesome, delicious treat! I remember going to school with a lunchbag in hand, filled with a healthy lunch and a homemade dessert.  Snickerdoodles, granola bars, fruit leather… my mom showered us with food love. But I didn’t realize how good I had it.  At lunch time I would look around and see all the other kids pull out their Oreos, their Chewy Quaker Chocolate Dipped Bars, and their Fruit-Roll-Ups.   Why did I so desperately want those?  They all taste like cardboard … Read More

low in sugar blueberry sauce

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blueberry sauce

Why It’s A Smart Choice Blueberries are brain food! Individuals with mild cognitive decline showed an improvement in memory recall when given blueberry juice! In studies conducted on rats, blueberries were shown to prevent cognitive decline and help the neurons in the brain communicate better. It’s thought that oxidative damage is partly to blame for cognitive decline and blueberries are high in antioxidants.  Blueberries are also high in fibre and lower in sugar, compared to other fruits. They also score low on the Glycemic Index, which is an estimation of how much a food will cause your blood sugar to spike. … Read More