Vegetarian Caesar Dressing – easy blender recipe

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vegetarian caesar dressing

Quickly blend up a wholesome vegetarian caesar dressing in less than a minute! Contains only heart healthy, anti-inflammatory ingredients to nourish you from the inside out. A couple of years ago a friend was telling me that she enjoys my recipes, and asked if I had one for a caesar salad dressing… and I had to sheepishly tell her that I don’t actually like caesar salad. In fact, I always found it rather revolting. I bet you thought everyone loved caesar salad? Well, not me. We decided to serve lasagna at our wedding. It’s my husband’s favourite food and it … Read More

Saskatoon Jam -low sugar recipe

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low sugar saskatoon jam

I made this saskatoon jam as low in added sugar as possible while keeping it food safe! The result is a jam bursting with berry flavour! The other day at breakfast I sighed a contented sigh.  We had toast, jam, fresh fruit, and coffee.  I suddenly realized that this isn’t a breakfast I would normally get excited about. In fact, I’m not really much of a toast and jam kind of girl. But the toast was made with homemade sourdough bread. The fresh fruit was blueberries and cherries, which I only ever buy in season. The coffee was a freshly … Read More

spinach and artichoke hummus with feta

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Spinach & Artichoke Hummus with Feta

I wasn’t planning on making and photographing a recipe today since I was busy working on other projects (stay tuned for some exciting stuff around here at Smart Nutrition!).  But lunch time came around and I suddenly had this idea for making a spinach and artichoke hummus. When inspiration strikes, you gotta follow suit!  Or maybe when you buy a Costco sized jar of artichokes for making this Spinach and Artichoke Quinoa Bake, you need to find other uses for it! Although, realistically I could eat that quinoa bake all day long. I didn’t really need to create another recipe. … Read More

salad/summer rolls with life changing walnut sauce

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Salad Rolls with Walnut Sauce

You need this walnut sauce in your life.  The combination of ingredients in these salad rolls is, of course, also amazing but it doesn’t hold a candle to this walnut sauce. It’s not just the icing on the cake. The sauce is the whole reason to eat these salad rolls.  I’ve also been eating this sauce with broccoli florets, as a salad dressing, and have even started eating it with a spoon….  We’ve raced through two batches of this recipe in less than a week already.  When I sit down to have a snack I’m usually sweet tooth type of person … Read More

cranberry black pepper boursin recipe

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Cranberry Black Pepper Boursin

When I show up at a party and someone has brought Boursin, my heart (and tastebuds!) do a little happy dance. There’s nothing better than the simple little pleasures of life… like creamy, light as a feather, melt in your mouth cheese. Those Boursin fellows sure nailed it with their slogan: ” Du pain, du Boursin, tout est bien.” (Some bread, some Boursin, all is well.) According to the Muppet Family Christmas special, Christmas is the time of year when we gather around with friends and family to wish each other peace on earth. While I actually take this time to reflect on … Read More

DIY whipped butter

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DIY Whipped Butter

When you were a kid, did you ever go to a nice restaurant or fancy banquet and get excited by the sight of a beautiful looking bowl of ice cream, only to realize that it was actually butter? What a disappointment. I’m pretty sure this has happened to me as an adult, too. The reason that butter looked so delicious is because it was whipped. And there’s no reason you can’t have that beautiful butter at home, too. There are actually plenty of more substantial reasons to whip your butter; it’s not just for show! Why It’s A Smart Choice 1) Consistency. … Read More