7 Layer Dip – Healthy enough for dinner

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7 Layer Dip (healthy, easy, crowd favourite or eat for dinner!)

A 7 layer dip so healthy you can enjoy it for dinner! This TexMex dip is healthier with cottage cheese, black beans, salsa, & lotsa veggies! I’ll admit it; sometimes we eat dip for dinner. This 7 layer dip. This amazing, delicious, balanced, healthy 7 layer dip. This is a dinner worthy dip. You can be extra healthy and use toasted pita wedges but again, I’ll admit it; we eat this with tortilla chips. I aim for a balanced approach in our household. We rarely eat tortilla chips. Tips for Making 7 Layer Dip For the saucy layers, the best … Read More

Chipotle Salsa (fresh or canned)

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chipotle salsa

I’ve found the secret to a happy, successful marriage: Chipotle peppers. You heard me right, folks. Get your hands on some of these bad boys. They will help you weather the storms of life. They’re essential to a good marriage. Or is that just mine? My husband adores chipotles,  and I don’t blame him; they are incredibly tasty. I love how they add a sweet, smoky, kick. He’s happy. I’m happy. We’re all happy.  Unless… I can no longer find the chipotle peppers at my grocery store. Then I’m not happy. I’m not happy when I spend half an hour combing … Read More

caramelized onion hummus

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Caramelized Onion Hummus

I am obsessed with perfecting my basic hummus recipe. I’ve figured out the key to perfectly smooth, creamy, whipped hummus but the flavour isn’t quite there. Texture? Check. Flavour? Still working on it. I read the ingredients on some of my favourite hummus brands and try to replicate their recipes but it never ends up tasting quite the same. Don’t get me wrong; my hummus is good, just not amazing. I won’t settle for anything less than amazing. But I’ve hit the mark on several hummus variations. Like this caramelized onion hummus. Sooo delicious. It’s amazing, either with crackers or … Read More