strawberry lime watermelon smoothie

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strawberry lime watermelon smoothie liquado

I’m not sure why I’m even bothering typing out the recipe since I named 3 out of the 4 ingredients in this smoothie! But the fourth, unnamed ingredient is key. However, I don’t think listing it in the title would sound nearly appealing: Strawberry lime watermelon egg white smoothie! But stay with me. Unless they are cooked, egg whites are pretty tasteless. So it’s easy to add a protein source without losing the fruit forward flavour. High fives! 1/2 cup of egg whites will add nearly 15 g of protein to your smoothie! If you give this recipe a go, … Read More

carrot cake smoothie

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Carrot Cake Smoothie

Cake for breakfast? Almost. This recipe tastes exactly like carrot cake! Minus the flour and all. Why It’s A Smart Choice How often do you eat veggies for breakfast? If you’re like most people, they don’t usually make an appearance. This is a great way to add one in! This recipe makes two servings. Each serving has about 15 g of protein! Walnuts are a true superfood. Eating a handful of nuts each day can help prevent heart disease. Walnuts, in particular, contain alpha linolenic acid, a type of omega 3 fatty acid, which is essential for healthy skin and … Read More

top 9 proteins for smoothies

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Top 9 Smoothie Proteins

Do you eat breakfast every morning? Be honest! Breakfast is a great way to kickstart your metabolism when you wake up, and it gives you the energy to get out the door for a great day. But what you put in your breakfast matters. A reader recently asked me for low-carb breakfast ideas. When I get low-carb requests I usually want to do some myth-busting.  I’m not a low-carb aficionado.  Or low-fat.  Or low-protein.  Alright, maybe low-protein hasn’t swept across the country yet but… just in case. Anyway, as I was preparing my reasons for why we shouldn’t hate on carbs so much, it hit … Read More

high protein grapefruit juice

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high protein grapefruit juice

I don’t usually buy juice, because I prefer to eat the whole fruit… except for when I was pregnant!  I craved fruit and juice like crazy! Water made me nauseated, but juice was perfect. I still didn’t like the idea of downing that much sugar, though.  I wish I had thought up a recipe like this grapefruit juice back then!  I guess now I’ll be set if I have another pregnancy.  Or, my hormones will decide I need to to crave something else! The pasteurized egg whites in this recipe add 14 grams of protein, without altering the flavour.  The blended egg whites … Read More

healthier hot chocolate (plus the secret to making it gorgeously thick!)

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healthy hot chocolate

Enjoy a warm mug of healthy hot chocolate with the added benefit of fibre and several essential minerals! Sweetened only by dates! Words to describe recipes that make this Dietitian cringe: Guilt-Free Sugarless/Sugar-Free Healthy They’re such popular words but I can’t compromise my ethics to use them! Notice how I used the word “healthier” hot chocolate. It sounds pretty lame. A simple “healthy” would probably be cooler. But is hot chocolate really a health food? No, it belongs in the treat category. I’m all for making treats healthier but let’s not kid ourselves… they’re still treats.  Guilt-Free: all food should … Read More

make your own looseleaf tea – all natural!

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looseleaf tea

The price of gourmet looseleaf tea is a rip-off. An ounce at the “special tea” (get it? haha) stores is often as high as $5-$10.  I made my own for around 50 cents an ounce, with minimal effort.  That’s a savings of 90%-95%! Looseleaf tea is available at most bulk food stores. All you have to do is buy the basic looseleaf tea and add your own ingredients to make them gourmet!  Even better… these teas are all natural.  I was surprised to find see how many “artificial flavours” are found in the store-bought gourmet teas. Oh, and rock sugar? No matter what the salesperson … Read More

Smoothie Tips and Hacks

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smoothie tips and hacks

Don’t get the wrong impression from my last post, where I provide some caution about eating smoothies …  I’m actually a big fan of smoothies. I make them several times a week, and I’ve done so for the past 10 years or so. So, as a self-proclaimed smoothie expert, here are my top tips for getting the perfect smoothie. Texture Banana: This is the magical smoothie fruit. It has a subtle flavour so it won’t overpower the other flavours. BUT, don’t use an over ripe banana… they’re potent. Unless your intention is for your smoothie to taste like banana bread, use a just-ripe … Read More