the easiest, tastiest spaghetti ever

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easy flavourful spaghetti

If you’re used to making pasta by cooking up some spaghetti and pouring over a jar of pasta sauce, you might be intimidated by the prospect of making your own sauce.  The good news is that your spaghetti has a lot of room for improvement!  Continue reading for your directions to Flavour Country. Population: spaghetti. If you’re doing silly things like using jarred pasta sauce, allow me to introduce you to Jamie Oliver.  Jamie seems to have a genuine passion for helping people cook for themselves. He’s well known for beginner recipes that make it easy for newbies to navigate the kitchen.   As a dietitian, I … Read More

guacamole bowls recipe (gluten free)

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Guacamole bowl recipe - gluten free recipe

For guacamole makers, the guacamole recipe is a huge source of pride.  Those of us who have been to a guac-off (no really, it’s a thing), know that every guacamole maker at such an event is convinced their recipe is the guacamole recipe to end all guacamole recipes. Did I say guacamole enough for you? Guacamole. It’s totally one of those words that gets weirder the more you say it. Guacamole.  Anyhow, for those who have never made guacamole before I’ll save you the trouble of experimenting with various ingredients and ratios. Seriously. Don’t go crazy and start adding weird things like pickles … Read More

one dish balsamic chicken -dinner in an hour

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balsamic chicken bake

An easy one dish meal featuring sweet balsamic chicken, baby potatoes, and plenty of veggies! Dinner ready in an hour -with hardly any cleanup! I was one of those kids that hated almost all vegetables, all meat, and all starches except bread and noodles. As I grew older and especially as I started to travel the world, I wanted to be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Once I made this decision, my palate didn’t get a complete overhaul overnight. It was (and still is!) a slow process of learning to like new foods. With some foods, my … Read More