one skillet (or Instant Pot) creamy dill chicken and rice

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creamy dill chicken and rice

Stovetop or Instant Pot, this easy dinner is healthy, balanced, and though it may be an unappetizing brown, it’s sure to please even the pickiest of palates! Unless that palate doesn’t like mushrooms… can’t do much about that.  Lately, I’ve been into making dinners with leftover rice. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll make rice with no intention of eating it that day, so that I have “leftovers” the next day. Let’s just pretend that I’m an incredibly organized person and it’s all part of my master meal plan for the week…. If you are one of those incredibly organized people … Read More

sheet pan dinner with pork and dried plums

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sheet pan pork and dried plums

This sheet pan dinner combines pork and dried plums with onions and walnuts, in a quick and easy fine dining experience with a hidden agenda: bone health! I want to talk about this delicious sheet pan dinner. I really do. It’s got pork, dried plums, walnuts, onions, and it is my favourite thing right now. But first, we need to talk about how it supports bone health, and why that’s so important. why you (yes you) need to start paying attention to your bones If you’re under 30, preventing a hip fracture in 40 years is probably not on your … Read More

healthy egg mcmuffin copycat (freezer meal) [+ video!]

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healthy egg mcmuffin copycat

Keep these healthy egg mcmuffin copycats in your freezer for a quick go-to meal that’s much faster and cheaper than pulling through the drive-thru! I’m pretty good at handling in-store samples. I happily take one, enjoy it, and keep moseying on down the aisle. But not this time. It was only a toasted and buttered English muffin, but I saw it as more… I saw…. Breakfast muffins! Luckily turkey breast and sliced cheese were on sale. I grabbed some eggs and off I went, nearly skipping home in excitement! It’s hard to skip when you’re carrying a baby and pushing … Read More

the big salad… how to build a meal-worthy salad

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Mango Quinoa Nourish Bowl

Have you ever eaten a salad and then felt hungry again fifteen minutes later? Then you may suffer from Small Salad Syndrome! A big salad won’t leave you hungry, and it’s a tremendous way to help you meet your daily servings of veggies. A plate-sized salad could equal 4-5 servings of veggies! Vegetables are important for nourishing your body with vitamins and minerals. Did you know that fruits and vegetables are the ONLY foods that have Vitamin C? Scurvy develops when Vitamin C levels drop very low, and until recently we thought scurvy was long gone. We’re talking about a … Read More

spicy pork with mangos and rice [VIDEO]

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spicy pork with mango and rice

Stir-fry spicy pork with mangos and rice – easy, sweet, spicy, loaded with fruit and veggies, protein, and healthy carbs.  When our son was born we were blessed with many delicious dinners brought over by loving family and friends. One such dish, brought over by my mother-in-law, was the inspiration for this recipe. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since so this recipe has really been four years in the making!  I can’t decide what I love best about this dish: the tangy pork… the sweet mango…. the hit of cilantro… or how the rice soaks up … Read More

japanese cabbage salad -healthy and easy

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japanese cabbage salad

Sesame and almond flavours dominate this Japanese cabbage salad filled with plenty of veggies and healthy plant proteins and fats.  We’ve been eating this salad literally everyday for the past week.  Because it’s THAT GOOD and we can’t get enough of it. But, also because there’s enough here to feed an army and we’ve only got 2 1/2 people in our house…. Make sure you have a large bowl ready for this one! It’s a perfect recipe to bring to a potluck and feed a crowd. Because it’s THAT BIG. But, also because it tastes best on the first day. … Read More

healthy teriyaki chicken noodle bowls -featuring NuPasta

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teriyaki chicken noodle bowls

This post was developed through a sponsored collaboration with NuPasta.  However, all opinions are mine! Sometimes I overhear conversations like this in my home: My four year old to my husband: “We’re having teryi-YAK-i for supper!” My husband: “Are you sure it isn’t teri-ELEPHANT-i?”  Our family often rates dad jokes on a scale of 1-10. Despite being a groaner, I actually LOL’ed on this one, so I’d give it a 5.  teriyaki chicken special Apparently “teriyaki” isn’t really a name for a sauce, it’s actually more a style of preparing meat. You prepare meat “teriyaki style” when you broil or grill meat that … Read More