mango quinoa nourish bowls

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Mango Quinoa Nourish Bowl

Nourish bowl. Macro bowl. Buddha bowl. Glory bowl. Lunch bowl. Power bowl. And my husband’s personal favourite: the Glow bowl (takes him on a trip down memory lane to the glow bowling days of the 90s).  Whatever you want to call these things, they are delicious and nutritious! (#nutritiousisdelicious) Think of it as an amped up, balanced meal, kind of salad.  Mckee Hill, Registered Dietitian and blogger over at Nutrition Stripped breaks down the anatomy of a nourish bowl like this: greens, protein, healthy fats, veggies, carbs (including fruits), add-ons, and dressings.  The best thing about these bowls is their flexibility. It’s the thing to … Read More

vegan thai yellow curry chickpeas and potatoes (+ instant pot instructions)

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Thai Yellow Curry Chickpeas and Potatoes

An entry level (ie: not so spicy!) Thai yellow curry dish that’s full of  heart-healthy anti-inflammatory ingredients. Sure to warm you up from the inside out! [vegan & gluten free] If it was curry all day everyday in our house, I’d be in heaven. Unfortunately, Jeremy hasn’t hopped on board with me. The other day he declared that he simply does not and will not ever be a curry fan. I was shell shocked. In our house (and in my dietetic practice), we firmly believe that tastes are more nurture than nature. What this means, is that it’s possible, with an … Read More

quinoa stuffed pizza peppers

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Trying to increase your veggie intake? There’s one simple tip I give people: eat dinner leftovers for breakfast.  Breakfast tends to be the lost meal for veggies in our society. Other than the odd omelette or an egg sandwich with a slice of tomato, we pretty much forget about veggies in the morning (never mind the fact that tomatoes technically belong to the fruit family…). But we often have leftover dinner! Voila! Super simple breakfast!  Do I practice what I preach? Rarely. I find it difficult to change my habit of having something on the sweeter side in the mornings.  … Read More

one pan chipotle mexican quinoa

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Chipotle Mexican Quinoa

What are your go-to meals? You know, the ones that you keep coming back to. The ones for which you usually have the ingredients stocked in your kitchen. The ones that you make when you’re like “oh shoot, I forgot to plan something for dinner and it’s 5:00 already!”   This is one of mine.  I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about this recipe before. I guess I don’t really think about it when I’m planning my posts since it’s not “new” to me.  I forget that this will be new to you! When it comes to getting started with meal planning, I … Read More

creamy enchilada casserole with spaghetti squash

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Are you familiar with food guides such as the USDA’s Choose My Plate and The Plate Method from the Canadian Diabetes Association? In theory, I’m totally onboard with these concepts. The main idea is to fill half your plate with veggies, a quarter with a meat or alternative, and the other quarter with a grain or starch alternative. This is fine if you are a traditional meat and potatoes type of person and eat segmented meals. I am not. As you can see from browsing the recipes on Smart Nutrition, I’m more of a casserole, stew, soup, one pot type … Read More

cheesy quinoa waffles: a truly unique recipe

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Cheesy Quinoa Waffles Have you heard of cheesy quinoa waffles? NO? I’m pretty sure they’re not actually a thing. I only made them accidentally, while trying to make quinoa burgers. I don’t know what happened! All of a sudden I was pulling out the waffle iron and throwing them in. Blame it on laziness. The waffle iron is so much easier than flipping burgers!  I made these for supper and served them alongside some veggies to balance out the meal. But these would work equally well for breakfast. They are waffles after all!  When I suggested that my husband put his waffle on … Read More

easy one pan pad thai

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This  one pan Pad Thai is so easy, you’ll question ever ordering out for Thai again. It’s far tastier than any Pad Thai dish I’ve had outside of Asia. One of the biggest drawbacks of living up north is the loss of daylight. The time change for daylight savings is the worst. I made this Pad Thai for dinner today…. at 3:30 PM. I suddenly realized that if I wanted to photograph it in natural light I’d have to hurry my booty up and start making dinner two hours earlier than usual. And the photos STILL turned out dark!   So … Read More