cheesy quinoa waffles: a truly unique recipe

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Cheesy Quinoa Waffles Have you heard of cheesy quinoa waffles? NO? I’m pretty sure they’re not actually a thing. I only made them accidentally, while trying to make quinoa burgers. I don’t know what happened! All of a sudden I was pulling out the waffle iron and throwing them in. Blame it on laziness. The waffle iron is so much easier than flipping burgers!  I made these for supper and served them alongside some veggies to balance out the meal. But these would work equally well for breakfast. They are waffles after all!  When I suggested that my husband put his waffle on … Read More

easy one pan pad thai

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This  one pan Pad Thai is so easy, you’ll question ever ordering out for Thai again. It’s far tastier than any Pad Thai dish I’ve had outside of Asia. One of the biggest drawbacks of living up north is the loss of daylight. The time change for daylight savings is the worst. I made this Pad Thai for dinner today…. at 3:30 PM. I suddenly realized that if I wanted to photograph it in natural light I’d have to hurry my booty up and start making dinner two hours earlier than usual. And the photos STILL turned out dark!   So … Read More

quinoa-encrusted tofu parmesan (gluten free)

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I never used to eat tofu. I couldn’t stand it. But when I started making tofu for my infant son, I found a way to prepare tofu so that he would eat it. In fact, he loved it. Even more surprising? I loved it. After some time, I decided it was time for me to branch out and try preparing tofu (and eating it) in another way. But what could I use for inspiration? Well, I have the privilege of calculating the nutrition information for the popular recipe blog Damn Delicious. I’ve tried several of her recipes, all of which have been a smashing hit in our household. … Read More

three cheese spaghetti squash “lasagna”

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Three Cheese Spaghetti Squash

I just had one of those delicious and rare evenings that left me energized and full of joy. What did I do? I went grocery shopping. It was magical. Perhaps I should clarify. I went grocery shopping… all. by. myself. It’s amazing the things you appreciate once you have a kid!  The other day I started telling a story about my university days by saying, “we went to the mall in order to….” but I couldn’t finish the sentence. I couldn’t remember why we were at the mall. Then it hit me. We were just university students with nothing better to do, … Read More

white cheddar mac n cheese

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I have never eaten more Kraft Dinner than I did in my first trimester of pregnancy.  I’ve heard that Kraft Dinner is actually a term that’s only common in Canada. So, for you non-Canadians, when I say Kraft Dinner I’m referring to the brand of Mac n Cheese that everyone buys here. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s not that healthy. Usually, my diet is relatively balanced, healthy, and based on whole foods. I figured it would only get better once I got pregnant, since I’d be so motivated to nurture my unborn child. Then the exhaustion hit and I went into survival mode. Each day … Read More

stick to your noodles pasta sauce

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Stick to Your Noodles Pasta Sauce

This month’s Recipe Redux challenge was to make a homemade version of a pantry staple. I asked for your suggestions on the Smart Nutrition Facebook page. I received such wonderful ideas: BBQ sauce Mayo Yogurt Corn tortillas Vegan chocolate syrup Soy milk Almond milk Pizza sauce Ranch dressing Relish Aged cheese Olive oil That last one was a joke but it actually had me thinking for a while… is it possible to make your own olive oil? The answer is no. Unless you have an olive tree growing in your backyard, which is impossible for me living in Canada. I ended up … Read More

sweet n spicy garam masala skillet

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Garam Masala Curry

This recipe is warm, and comforting like a cozy blanket in Winter. The combination of sweet and spicy is nicely balanced with a drizzle of cream when you serve it. I can not get enough of this curry skillet! There were so many words I could use to describe it, it was so hard to narrow it down to one name. Here were some of my options: Garam Masala Lentil Skillet Sweet n Spicy Lentil Curry Creamy Curry with Sweet Carrots Sweet n Spicy Garam Masala Skillet Which name sounds the most appealing to you? Which one would you have gone … Read More