peanut chicken noodle bowl

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Peanut Chicken Stirfry

I’ve been making this stirfry for a few years now and my family has never been disappointed. When I told my husband that I was planning on posting this recipe his reply was “I can’t believe you haven’t shared that one yet! It’s amazing!!!”  Keep in mind that he’s not very excitable, so I might be exaggerating a bit.  He would never use three exclamation marks, for instance.  But he did get pretty animated.  Why It’s A Smart Choice This recipe is a great way to eat more veggies. Each portion of this recipe has nearly 3 servings of vegetables! It … Read More

Peach Chutney Samosa Stew (gluten free & vegan)

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Samosa Stew

Mmmm, all the flavours of a piping hot samosa filled with warming spices, potatoes and peas, dunked in a sweet peach chutney….. but in the form of a gluten free vegan samosa stew!  As the wife of a man who has survived colon cancer, and the resulting chemotherapy, this recipe is particularly important to me.  Read on to find out why! Why This Samosa Stew is a Smart Choice The spices: spices are powerful antioxidants and cancer preventing substances! Turmeric has specifically been shown to help prevent colon cancer. Studies have even shown that curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, … Read More

one pot or crockpot texan turkey quinoa

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When I was in University I ate this meal all the time. Literally. I would make a big batch and then freeze it in individual portions. My freezer was always stocked. In other news, I’m conducting an experiment to see whether any one actually reads this paragraph before the recipe. I know when I’m browsing other blogs for recipe ideas, I just hop, skip, and jump down to the actual recipe. So if you’re reading this and you actually like these little introductions, tell me in the comments!  Why It’s A Smart Choice This recipe is a superstar choice for … Read More

mediterranean lentils and quinoa (gluten-free and vegan)

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mediterranean quinoa and lentils

When I told my husband what I planned on naming this dish his response was “I didn’t think quinoa was Mediterranean!” He’s correct, quinoa originally hail from Bolivia. So, perhaps I should explain… I called this a Mediterranean dish because: a) it has flavours reminiscent of Mediterranean cuisine like Italian or Greek b) it falls in line with a Mediterranean Diet style of eating What? You haven’t heard of the Mediterranean Diet? It’s only the healthiest way of living ever discovered!  Check out this Food Pyramid for the Mediterranean Diet In short, the diet focuses mainly on vegetarianism but dabbles into meat on … Read More

Moroccan Beef and Lentils (with Instant Pot instructions)

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Moroccan Beef and Lentils

Not too sweet and not too spicy, this Moroccan Beef & Lentils dish knocks it out of the park! Comfort food with a twist [gluten free]. My cooking schedule usually looks something like this: a new dish everyday. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with new food combinations in the kitchen but this creative side of me has been amped up since I started blogging. My family will never get bored of eating the same thing. In fact, it’s hard for my husband to get me to make his favourite meals since I’m always trying new things. I’d say my success rate is … Read More

fall harvest roasted veggie lasagna

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fall harvest roasted veggie lasagna

Is it lame for a couple to have a dish? I guess that’s what my husband signed up for when he married me: a Dietitian with a sappy heart. Some couples have “their” song. We have lasagna. I like to do things slightly out of the ordinary.  I’ve always loved my middle name, for instance, because it’s a little unusual.  Elyse.  So much more unique than Jessica, the #1 name of the 80s and 90s!   Anyways, when it came time to choosing our wedding meal, I wanted something a little out of the ordinary and something that screamed “Jeremy … Read More

Top Requested Margherita Pizza

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margherita pizza recipe

This is the quintessential word of mouth recipe.  Some dear friends brought this pizza to a potluck, and it was so good, I just had to get the recipe.  I then made it (with some changes) for a crowd gathered at my place, when we had friends over to help build a fence.  Several of them asked for the recipe as well.  One of these friends then made it for guests, and was ALSO asked for the recipe.  It’s that good people. If you need a boost of self-confidence, make this the next time you have company. This is an ego-flattering recipe. And the … Read More