7 Layer Dip – Healthy enough for dinner

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7 Layer Dip (healthy, easy, crowd favourite or eat for dinner!)

A 7 layer dip so healthy you can enjoy it for dinner! This TexMex dip is healthier with cottage cheese, black beans, salsa, & lotsa veggies! I’ll admit it; sometimes we eat dip for dinner. This 7 layer dip. This amazing, delicious, balanced, healthy 7 layer dip. This is a dinner worthy dip. You can be extra healthy and use toasted pita wedges but again, I’ll admit it; we eat this with tortilla chips. I aim for a balanced approach in our household. We rarely eat tortilla chips. Tips for Making 7 Layer Dip For the saucy layers, the best … Read More

African Peanut Soup (Instant Pot or Stovetop)

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African Peanut Soup

This African Peanut Soup is a super simple vegan soup to make bursting with sweet ‘n spicy flavours! Instant Pot or Stove top directions. We don’t eat out at restaurants very often, but when we do, I like to order something unique.  I love adding new and interesting foods to my palate.  If I end up loving it, I take mental notes to replicate it when I get home. My husband usually ends up telling me that my version is tastier, which further motivates me to experiment in the kitchen. We make a good team, my husband and I. I love to … Read More

Curry Pumpkin Soup with Hemp Hearts

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curry pumpkin soup with hemp hearts

Sometimes you don’t have much to say but you just want to post a recipe. I don’t know about you, but I usually just scroll down to the recipe anyway. So, I’ll save you some scrolling and just tell you…. Why It’s A Smart Choice This soup is full of healthy fats. The coconut flakes and milk have medium chain fats that are preferentially used by the body for energy instead of storage, and may cause a slight, temporary increase in metabolism after consumption. The hemp hearts contain omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for the immune system, skin, hair, … Read More

fall harvest roasted veggie lasagna

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fall harvest roasted veggie lasagna

Is it lame for a couple to have a dish? I guess that’s what my husband signed up for when he married me: a Dietitian with a sappy heart. Some couples have “their” song. We have lasagna. I like to do things slightly out of the ordinary.  I’ve always loved my middle name, for instance, because it’s a little unusual.  Elyse.  So much more unique than Jessica, the #1 name of the 80s and 90s!   Anyways, when it came time to choosing our wedding meal, I wanted something a little out of the ordinary and something that screamed “Jeremy … Read More

Top Requested Margherita Pizza

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margherita pizza recipe

This is the quintessential word of mouth recipe.  Some dear friends brought this pizza to a potluck, and it was so good, I just had to get the recipe.  I then made it (with some changes) for a crowd gathered at my place, when we had friends over to help build a fence.  Several of them asked for the recipe as well.  One of these friends then made it for guests, and was ALSO asked for the recipe.  It’s that good people. If you need a boost of self-confidence, make this the next time you have company. This is an ego-flattering recipe. And the … Read More

the easiest, tastiest spaghetti ever

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easy flavourful spaghetti

If you’re used to making pasta by cooking up some spaghetti and pouring over a jar of pasta sauce, you might be intimidated by the prospect of making your own sauce.  The good news is that your spaghetti has a lot of room for improvement!  Continue reading for your directions to Flavour Country. Population: spaghetti. If you’re doing silly things like using jarred pasta sauce, allow me to introduce you to Jamie Oliver.  Jamie seems to have a genuine passion for helping people cook for themselves. He’s well known for beginner recipes that make it easy for newbies to navigate the kitchen.   As a dietitian, I … Read More

guacamole bowls recipe (gluten free)

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Guacamole bowl recipe - gluten free recipe

For guacamole makers, the guacamole recipe is a huge source of pride.  Those of us who have been to a guac-off (no really, it’s a thing), know that every guacamole maker at such an event is convinced their recipe is the guacamole recipe to end all guacamole recipes. Did I say guacamole enough for you? Guacamole. It’s totally one of those words that gets weirder the more you say it. Guacamole.  Anyhow, for those who have never made guacamole before I’ll save you the trouble of experimenting with various ingredients and ratios. Seriously. Don’t go crazy and start adding weird things like pickles … Read More