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I haven’t found a yogurt that meets my expectations.  There’s a sea of yogurt options out there, but I’m not happy with any of them. Call me high needs when it comes to yogurt but hey, I just know what I want. 

I want a yogurt that..

  • is flavoured
  • contains a bit of fat
  • contains a small amount of added sugar
  • contains probiotics

The Starbucks Yogurt?

If only you could go to a yogurt shop and order yogurt like you do at Starbucks: perfectly customized to your tastes.  

“I’ll have a half-sweet, 2% coconut cherry probiotic yogurt, please!” 

Since you can’t, I’ve found a rather simple way to get a customized yogurt… combine different tubs together! 

My Recipe For the Perfect Yogurt

1 tub of plain yogurt

1 tub of sugar-sweetened yogurt 

1/2 cup size leak proof containers (about 12)

Option A (lazy version)

Line up your containers. Take a spoon and fill the containers half full with one tub of yogurt. Then do the same with the other one. Close the lids. You can stir the flavours together when you eat it. 

Option B 

If you want the yogurt premixed, then dump both tubs into a large bowl and stir. Line up your containers, fill, and close the lids.

Ideas for other mixes:

Full sweetness/half the sugar: Perhaps you’re not ready to cut down on the level of sweetness but you want to lower your sugar intake. Combine one tub sugar sweetened yogurt and one tub of artificially sweetened yogurt. 

Slowly cut down on sugar: If you’re ready to cut down on the sugar but find half and half still too tangy then combine 1/2 tub of plain yogurt with a whole tub of sugar sweetened. 

Flavour combos: Combine 1 tub plain yogurt with 1/2 tub each of two different flavours: lemon+mango, coconut+lime, cherry+vanilla… the options are limitless!

Higher protein: Combine 1 tub of flavoured Greek yogurt with 1 tub of plain yogurt. Or the other way around: 1 tub of plain Greek yogurt with 1 tub of flavoured regular yogurt. 


What does the ‘perfect yogurt’ look like to you?


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10 Comments on “the starbucks yogurt”

  1. I buy a big tub of Liberty Organic plain 2.5 % yogurt, and combine it with Liberty Greek plain 1 % yogurt. Perfection with zero added sugar. Just add Nunaturals vanilla or valencia orange stevia if you need sweetening. Or applesauce without sugar is great too.

  2. I mix plain Liberty Greek with the full fat (yes 11%) plain mediterranean yogurt. Add fruit, all bran and ground flax!

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