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soup swap

A couple of weeks ago my friend texted me, “hey! wanna take part in a soup swap?” 

I’ve done cookie swaps before, but I had never thought of swapping other items. My first thought was, “Why didn’t I think of that?!  This is brilliant!” 

If you’ve never taken part in a swap before, here’s how it goes.  Each person makes a large batch of the item they’re making… enough for each person to take some home. For this swap we decided that each person would get an individual-sized serving of soup: 1 1/2 -2 cups each. 

Some of the girls that took part in this swap live on their own and are on the “cooking for one” plan.   Taking part in a swap can help overcome challenges that come with this plan: 

  • it’s labour -intensive to cook meals that only serve one person
  • it’s hard to buy ingredients to make meals that only serve one person
  • it’s easy to get tired of eating the same thing all week if you do make a whole recipe of a certain dish
  • people on the plan often live in apartments or spaces where freezer space is limited. So making a whole recipe and freezing it for later is out of the question

Enter the soup swap.  Not only did we each get 6 new delicious soups to try, we also made a fun social event out of it and hung out for the evening! 

Here are the soups that were made:

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