Chicken Kale Soup with Sweet Potato (Instant Pot Recipe)

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Kale soup with sweet potato and chicken

This chicken kale soup is a great way to overcome the post-thanksgiving feeling of “oh… I’ve had enough roast turkey for an entire year.” Instead of force-feeding yourself turkey for a week, substitute it in this soup for the chicken! Sweet memories that are associated with a particular food can dramatically increase how much we enjoy that food! I’m convinced that half the reason we enjoy cake is because we have such great memories of friends gathering to celebrate birthdays. Half the reason we love traditional Thanksgiving food so much is because it reminds us of good times with family. … Read More

thai green curry lentil soup

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Thai Green Curry Lentil Soup

A flavourful, spicy soup with basic ingredients you probably already have in your house! Except the green curry paste. You might need to check out the ethnic food aisle in your local grocery store for that one! The up and down weather of spring has me wanting hot and cozy soup one day then a big, fresh salad the next.  Do your food choices follow the temperature on any given day?  This soup really warms you up. The spice from the curry paste is just enough to make you breathe a little fire. If you’re sensitive to spice I’d recommend cutting the … Read More

carmelized apple and butternut squash soup

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carmelized apple and butternut squash soup with balsamic drizzle

carmelized apple and butternut squash soup This soup is silky smooth (especially if you use a Vitamix blender!), slightly sweet, and 100% delicious! The inspiration for this carmelized apple and butternut squash soup came from a soup we had on our recent trip to New York. And when I say “inspiration” I mean I tried my best to replicate it ingredient for ingredient! We lucked out in the timing of our trip: it was restaurant week in the Hudson Valley! Various upscale restaurants were featuring 3 course lunches for $21. We weren’t overly hungry so we decided to share. But … Read More

smoky corn chowder

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This soup originally appeared in the Soups for Syria e-book I compiled last year. If you’re looking for more soup ideas for the fall, download yourself a copy! There are over 30 soup recipes from incredible food bloggers. Then I encourage you to make a donation to Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), an amazing organization doing amazing work in Syria.  I brought this soup to a friend after the birth of her second baby. This is what she texted afterwards:  “Oh. My. Gosh. This soup is amazing!!! Would you share the recipe? Or is it a secret??? Unless it’s just whipping … Read More

creamy kale and italian sausage soup (zuppa toscana)

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zuppa toscana

This copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana soup has such a rich flavour, you’d never guess each bowl has 4.5 servings of veggies in it!  You think you’re original. Then this happens.  My friend and her kids were over for a playdate when lunchtime suddenly creeped up on us. I invited them to stay with us and informed them that we were just going to be having a kale and italian sausage soup.  She said “oh, like Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden! Is it a creamy soup with potatoes too?”  Yup, I say. “Yes, that’s Zuppa Toscana!” she replied.  I had no idea … Read More

borscht with chicken (and whether we should eat like our grandparents did)

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Chicken Borscht

There’s a Maclean’s article claiming that the healthiest diet consists of the foods that our grandparents ate.  While it’s certainly a quaint idea and aspects of it have merit, the journalist’s article is largely based on observations made by a second generation Canadian anthropologist whose mother’s lifespan was 28 years shorter than his grandmother’s. This is hardly the randomized, clinically-controlled trials we hold out for in the research realm.  But my two year old son seems to know this ancestral wisdom intuitively. His favourite foods are the Mennonite soups of his heritage: green bean soup and cabbage borscht. And this isn’t because he’s exposed to … Read More

nourishing butter chicken soup

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Butter Chicken Soup

Do you love food mashups? I do. I recently heard about a new restaurant that opened up in my neighbourhood that serves Bannock Pizza. Bannock Pizza!! If I weren’t eating gluten free I would drive there right this instant and try it out. So genius yet so simple at the same time. It’s one of those things, that when you learn about it, you go “obviously.. why hasn’t someone thought of this before?”  Like this Butter Chicken Soup.  I’m surprised it had never occurred to me before to put these two things together! But am I ever glad I did.  I … Read More