can you trust your nutritionist?

Jessica Penner, RDSmarten Up3 Comments

can you trust your nutritionist

There are a lot of people out there willing to offer nutrition advice, and not all of them are actually qualified to do so.   But it’s very easy to tell whether your nutritionist is qualified, just look for those two magic letters after their name… R. D.   That’s all the information you need.  It indicates you’ve found a Registered Dietitian. I’m sure you’re thinking “yeah right Jessica Penner, RD, aren’t you a tad biased?”  Probably.  But read on and decide for yourself.   Here’s the process to become a Registered Dietitian: Enroll in a university to establish a … Read More

are you a victim of nutrition fraud?

Jessica Penner, RDSmarten Up12 Comments

are you a victim of nutrition fraud

Have you ever turned to google for some nutrition information?  If so,  you’ve probably fallen victim to nutrition fraud, at the hands of nutrition bloggers with no credentials.   They’re not intentionally misleading anybody, of course, but that’s what happens when they write about things outside their scope of knowledge, while positioning themselves as experts. This kind of irresponsible behaviour enrages me. It has the potential to hurt the health of innocent people!   No matter how savvy you are, it can be very easy to let the results of a google search dupe you.  Nutrition is an extensive, complicated … Read More