The Problem With Clean Eating

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The pursuit of health through clean eating has a dirty problem. Learn what you can do instead to nourish your mind, body, & soul! Clean eating. Gone are the days of just eating healthy. That’s so yesterday. You have to eat clean. At least, that’s what all those pictures of ripped personal trainers are saying. But, as a Registered Dietitian with a whole degree in nutrition under my belt, I have some bones to pick with ‘clean eating.’ First of all, what does it even mean? I just washed my apple. Does that mean I’m eating clean? Having a snack … Read More

How to Keep Your Eating on Track Over the Holidays [VIDEO]

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very full plate of traditional Christmas treats

Holiday food and eating got you stressing? Read/watch to find out how to keep your eating on track this month! WATCH THE VIDEO: READ THE TRANSCRIPT: Do you feel a bit scared when the holidays roll around? From parties filled with appetizers, to the Christmas baking, to the big dinners, to the eggnog screaming at you from the fridge, how on earth are you supposed to keep to your healthy eating plan? How are you supposed to stay on track? My advice to you is simple. Find a new track. Yup. If you feel uneasy around food around the holidays … Read More

Habits Build Freedom [VIDEO}

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Does the word habit scare and bore you? Are freedom and spontaneity what you want? Read about how habits actually build freedom. WATCH THE VIDEO: Does the idea of building habit and routine sound dull and lifeless? You might be thinking “I want to keep the fun and spontaneity in life! Don’t tie me down with habits!” The truth is that habits actually build freedom! I want to present you with the analogy of  attachment theory in children. Attachment Theory  explores how the bond children form with their parents effects their development into adulthood. In a good emotional bond, children … Read More

How to Stay Motivated when Making Lifestyle Changes [VIDEO]

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Learn how to stay motivated to eat healthy by asking yourself these two important questions! Video and transcript included. This post contains affiliate links. Have you ever jumped into a new plan for a healthy diet only to find your motivation gone like that? (snap) Watch this video to learn how to tap into motivation that sticks or keep reading the transcript below: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I recently saw this comic that said “My new years resolution this year…. Is to keep last year’s resolution!” It’s funny because it’s so true. According to Dr. Michelle Segar, a researcher who studies exercise … Read More

How to Control Your Weight (hint: you actually CAN’T!)

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A Dietitian explains how your weight is literally outside of your control and how knowing that can actually help you live the life you really want! WATCH THE VIDEO:   FOR THOSE WHO PREFER TO READ, HERE’S THE VIDEO TRANSCRIPT! I want to talk about something incredibly important today. I have so many people write to tell me the same thing. “Jessica, I lost the weight but it’s coming back on and I don’t know how to stop it!” “Jessica, I’m stuck at a weight loss plateau!” “Jessica, I NEED to lose weight.” And I tell everyone the same thing. … Read More

How to Eat Healthy – 5 things you need to know

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Bun Thit Nuong - Vietnamese Vermicelli with Pork

Healthy eating simplified! A Registered Dietitian tells you everything you need to know about the five parts of healthy eating and how they all fit together. As a Registered Dietitian I get a lot of questions about how to eat healthier. In this article I’m going to share all of my healthy eating philosophies based on scientific research from the fields of human nutrition, psychology, physiology, and sociology. In this article you’ll learn: why you overeat (it’s actually because you’ve lost touch with your eating instincts) why most people fail at dieting (it’s typically because of faulty mindsets) the four … Read More

MealEnders review – do they work?

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MealEnders Review - do they work?

Will popping a MealEnder make all your willpower dreams come true? Get a MealEnders review direct from a Dietitian. Years ago I heard about this candy-like treat that was supposed to help you avoid dessert. I wasn’t sure what to think of this concept at first, but I’ve now actually used them in my practice as a dietitian. So it’s high time I do a MealEnders review. It’s a bit more complex than you might think. In 2015 I got an email from a MealEnders representative offering to send me some samples and discuss the benefits of the product. She … Read More