Are Snapea Crisps Healthy?

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snapea crisps

Are Snapea Crisps healthy? They’re made from green veggies, so it’s easy to think they’re a healthier snack option than, say… potato chips. But potatoes are veggies too. Some products are specifically made to appear healthier than they are. Snapea Crisps appear to be actual peas that have just been crisped. They’re called Snapea Crisps after all, and they’re shaped like peas, so when you look at them, you’re supposed to think they’re just crispy snap peas. But from what I can tell, that’s not how they’re actually made. From the ingredients and the physical makeup of the snacks themselves, … Read More

Milk Alternatives: a dietitian’s definitive guide

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Milk alternatives -how to pick the right one for you and your family's needs

Dairy milk and vegan (plant-based) milk alternatives are not created equal! Learn how to choose the best milk beverage for you and your family’s UNIQUE nutritional needs.   Not too long ago you only had two choices when it came to buying milk: dairy or soy. Now there’s a whole aisle dedicated to all the plant-based milk alternatives! You could probably use a little help choosing your milk alternative, or figuring out if you should just stick with milk! Table of contents: Description of milks and alternatives Dairy varieties Kefir Goat Soy Nut Coconut Hemp Rice Oat Pea Nutrition comparison … Read More

The Whole 30 – a Dietitian’s review

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whole 30 review dietitian

I get asked about the Whole 30 diet on a regular basis. I guess it’s pretty popular? About time I let you know what this dietitian thinks! what is the whole 30? Founders Melissa and Dallas Hartwig have put together a strict elimination diet that you’re supposed to follow for 30 days. And when I say strict, I mean strict. They even go so far as to say “Don’t even consider the possibility of a “slip.” If you accidentally eat something on the “avoid” list, you’re required to restart back at day one. Ouch. The aim of the diet is to “put … Read More

What the Health Review – the good, the bad, and the ugly

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what the health review

Don’t ask a dietitian to watch the latest popular food documentary. It’s bad for our blood pressure. I knew this already, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing a What the Health review. what the health review – the good Every scare piece has something good in it, a slice of truth that the filmmakers can hang their hat on and spin their lies around. So here’s the element of truth behind What the Health: most of us should eat less meat and more plants. what the health review – the bad I just wish documentary makers could figure out … Read More

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?: an overly complex answer to an overly-simplified question

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is coconut oil healthy

Is coconut oil healthy? Well… nutrition science is complex… End of story. G’day.  Just kidding. But really, the study of nutrition is still relatively young and incomplete. So if you’re wondering if coconut oil is healthy, the short answer is: we don’t really know enough yet. That may be frustrating to hear, so allow me to make excuses for my chosen field of practice, and give you the longer answer to your question about coconut oil. why nutritional science doesn’t know enough Nutritional studies are modelled after pharmaceutical (drug) studies. When researchers study drugs, things remain relatively simple. They have … Read More